10 Reasons Why Traveling With A Photographer Is Going To Be Your Best Vacation Ever

Priya Ravinder Rakshith Shetty 10 Reasons Why Traveling With A Photographer Is Going To Be Your Best Vacation Ever

Photos make for great stories. When you go out, you want to click a million pictures, so you can watch them later and reminisce your beautiful moments. If only you have a photographer buddy… Well.. every one of us has that one photographer buddy, pull him/her along with you …. coz then you can a BLAST.

Why? Here are 10 reasons why…

1. First and the most obvious reason — He is going to take the best pictures of you. Who in this world doesn’t like good pictures taken of themselves? We all want to be models in our own little ways, don’t we! In addition to being overzealous about capturing great pictures, photographers are fun partners too. Yaay!

Ok, this may not be the best picture of me but its definitely a great capture by Rakshith

2. They are always up for challenges– in fact, even hunt for them and create challenges out of the otherwise boring world. Be prepared to-explore un-ventured places, travel great lengths to get that perfect location, the perfect angle and wait endlessly for the right sunlight.

Traveling doesn’t just mean to wake up, visit places and go back to sleep. That’s what tourists do. Traveling means- to explore, to pay attention to the world around you, to capture simple and endless beauties in minds and frames and to live outside the cubicles & rooms. A photographer will morph you into a traveler without you having to put in much efforts. Just tag along as they go to great lengths, just to get a shot that has not previously been captured, and learn to look at life through their lenses.

Rakshith Shetty loves taking pictures and I love climbing here and there – Perfect Combo!

3. The pictures- eccentrically beautiful and scenic pictures taken by him will stay in your memory for a long- long time. With just one look at them can make you relive the moments that made you catch your breath, like the beautiful sunset, the walk by the narrow lanes, your journeys, and the people you met. A picture speaks a thousand words, and who better than a photographer to capture the endless description into a short snap.

Photographers can make even common settings such as a cow on the street look enigmatic too. PC: Rakshith Shetty

4. You can bank upon the DSLR clarity of the pictures. You shall not miss even the minutest details.

Miniature Umaid Bhavan in focus. Such a sweet picture by Rakshith Shetty

5. With him doing all the picture taking, you can worry less about the photography and concentrate more on enjoying the beauty at hand (i.e. the photographer in midst of a wonderful backdrop)

Rakshith Shetty– The man behind the Camera comes in front of my Camera

6. You don’t need to take selfies. Ha! Bet you’re glad someone can take a complete picture of you as well as the monument.

A complete picture of me with Bundi’s Taragarh Fort. Could not have captured even with a selfie stick PC: Rakshith Shetty

7. How difficult it is to get a candid shot! Imagine getting candid shots in beautiful locales… Before you even start to think how you’re gonna get them, you’ll be like, “Forget it! I’m going to take candid selfies of mine (pretend it’s candid and hope no one notices)”.

When you’re on a vacation with a photographer, you don’t even have to request him for a candid shot. He is almost going to tire you with a lot of posing and you’ll eventually get to a point where you don’t care about the camera and everything post that is candid. There! A complete month’s DPs at your bidding. Hurr Hurr Hurray!

This was totally not candid. I stayed still for 10 whole minutes (exaggerating!) for this Long exposure. PC: Rakshith Shetty

8. Photographers make you look beautiful (even if you aren’t). Trust me, I’m not as pretty as I’ve been made to look. It’s quiet difficult to hide my monkeyness. It inadvertently makes its appearance at odd and even times.

Me monkeying with the Camel. Captured very craftily by Rakshith Shetty

9. You get to write great blogs like this and add the pictures which surely will gain you a lot of attention and compliments (although most of them will be directed to the photographer, but you will not mind).

Serenity Beach Pondicherry- Beautifully captured by my photographer friend- Rakshith Shetty

10. You get so much content that you can keep your social media accounts engaged for a long time.

Photography concept by Rakshith Shetty. PS: I’m not trying to show off the phone..

It’s not always easy to capture restless monkeys.. But photographer’s do a great job and hats off to them.

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