11 Important Resolutions You Can Choose From This Year

    So New Year’s around the corner and we are all thinking.. what’s my resolution gonna be? Here is a list of resolutions that are important and that you NEED to make regardless of the time of the year.

    1. Follow Traffic Rules

    Important resolutionsImagine everyone opts for this resolution just for a day and when you drive out, you see order and chaos free roads… And you get confused if you woke up in the wrong country.

    2. Lose weight

    Important resolutionsIt’ s just not sexy to have your gut jiggle in front of you when you’re brushing your teeth.

    3. Don’t be a Grammar Nazi 

    Important resolutionsThis is for all the Grammar Nazi’s, stop getting annoyed when people make grammatical mistakes. English is not our mother tongue so cut some slack.

    4. Stop throwing garbage

    Important resolutionsDo not throw away garbage on the roads where they lie un-attended for ages. Why would you deny Garbage of its home- The Garbage bin? Why?

    5. Save money

    Important resolutionsBut don’t be a miser. Just avoid unnecessary expenses and spend on something you really want. Go for a vacation, buy something that makes you happy.

    6. Be nice to your family

    resolution 2016Aren’t we all doing something wrong? We are nice to everyone else except our family members. Change that habit. Change it now.

    7. Make an “After 5 years I will be” goal

    Important resolutionsAnd stick it on your cupboard and stick to working towards it.

    8. Stop being judgemental

    Important resolutionsLook at the positive aspects of everyone you meet. It’s like a boomerang, coz they too will see the positive side of you.

    9. Smile more often

    Important resolutionsSome one rightly said, ‘you’re never fully dressed without a smile’. Oh wait! It was a song by Sia wasn’t it?

    10. Stop prioritising your love life over everything else

    Important resolutionsLove is just a part of your life like any other aspect. Do not allow it to cloud all your other senses and decisions.

    11. Don’t abuse

    Important resolutionsIt doesn’t look as cool as you think.

    Change is inevitable so make it a good one. Happy New Year Everyone!

    Priya Ravinder
    Priya Ravinder is a Business Strategist having an exceptional flair at writing personal blogs, stories and other aspects of the web. She is smart and quirky about expressing her expert opinions about corporate life, technology and personal life in general.

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