15 Fun Gifts Under Rs. 500

    Tired of giving and receiving boring formal gifts? Everytime you remember that your friend’s or your lover’s birthday or anniversary is around the corner, you invariably find wallets empty and end up choosing flowers, chocolates or stuffed animals as gifts. Here are some fun gifts which you can shower on your friends, colleagues and loved ones with minimal expenses.

    1. Magic Mug

    Magic mug
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    An otherwise plain mug transforms into one with your favorite picture as soon as you pour anything hot. A special gift for a special person, a surprise your loved one will be excited to see.

    2. Travel kit

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    A make up kit for women or a shaving travel kit for men is also a very ideal and useful gift. You can choose to give this to some one who is on the go.

    3. Good luck plant

    Good luck plant
    Image : groupon

    If you are the one who likes to believe in postive energy and would like to gift it, Lucky Bamboo plant is ideal. The easy care Feng shui plant combines elements of water, wood and earth is believed to be strong and can energize the home.

    4. LED candles

    Led candles
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    These candles are wax free and safe from any fire hazards. The decorative LED candles can decorate one’s house and can make a perfect gift which comes well within your budget.

    5. Hip flasks

    Hip flask
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    Choosing a gift for a friend or colleague who loves his drinks? Well what better gift than a hip flask. You are making sure to spoil him and both of you will love it.

    6. Photo cube

    Photo cube
    Image : tripleclicks

    Flat photo frames are passe. What you need is a contemporary style photo frames exhibits to your room. And this is what others prefer too. A rotating cube photo frame is a good alternative for the classic photo frame.

    7. Swiss Knife

    Swiss knife
    Image : britannica

    If you want to gift a man who is a little on the adventurous side or a woman to aid her self protection, a swiss knife is a perfect gift. It will never go wasted.

    8. Soaps with messages

    soaps with messages
    Image : founterior

    Glycerine, fragrant, exotic soaps with personalised messages can be an unique and endearing gift for someone close.

    9. Personalised calendar

    personalised calendar
    Image : vistaprint

    A unique and exhilaring gift that can last the whole year. Customize it with your own pictures and messages and make it more fun.

    10. Engraved Pendrive

    Engraved pen drive
    Image : aliexpress

    A tech savvy person wil appreciate you more if you were thoughful to gift him/her with a pendrive and it can be made personalised by making it into a key chain or engraving it.

    11. Personalised cushions

    personalised cushions
    Image : bagsoflove

    Cushions are always a perfect gift. Just personalize your favorite cushion with the perfect words to make your loved ones feel special. Best is your loved one can cuddle with the pillow all the time.

    12. Books

    Books gift
    Image : bookadvisor

    Nothing else will a book worm appreciate more than a nice warm book. Books according me are the best gifts. Try to find out the kind of books your receiver likes to read and has not read yet and choose one. Trust me they will love you for the thoughtfulness.

    13. Pen stand with clock

    Image : dezains

    Gifting a man is the most dificult of tasks. A pen stand with clock is a perfect gift for a male colleague or friend. Look around for a piece which allows you to engrave as well. You should be able to find all  this well within 500

    14. Toilettery set

    Image : treasurebaskets

    A shaving set or a perfume deo set for men and a spa set for women can be a very useful present.

    15. Dart board

    dartboard- pehub
    Image : pehub

    A dart board with darts is a fun present to your boyfriend or colleague who is a little sporty.

    Priya Ravinder
    Priya Ravinder is a Business Strategist having an exceptional flair at writing personal blogs, stories and other aspects of the web. She is smart and quirky about expressing her expert opinions about corporate life, technology and personal life in general.

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