8 Simple Ways to Come Out Of Depression

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Depression is a common illness that goes unattended and unrecognised most of the time. Most often we do not even deem it as a sickness and avoid taking medications or any preventive measures.

What are the Symptoms of Depression?

A mixture of emotions- sadness, anxiety, emptiness, hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, guilt, irritability, anger, shame and restlessness due to some personal or professional event in your life.

Losing interest in activities that were once pleasurable, experiencing loss of appetite or overeating, having problems in concentration, remembering details or making decisions, or experiencing difficulties in relations.

Suffering from insomnia, excessive sleeping, fatigue, aches, pain, digestive problems, or reduced energy.

If you are facing any of the above, it is time to take serious account of your mental state as you might be suffering from Depression.

According to the WHO, nearly 5.7 crore people in India suffer from Depression and that 36% of Indians will likely suffer from Depression at some point in their lives.

Only YOU can help YOURSELF come out of Depression.

Below are 8 simple ways to come out of this serious disease –

Accept the past:

Remember one thing in life – your past is just a lesson for you in life. It is never meant to define your future. There is nothing to be gained from holding on to your past and a lot to be achieved by looking ahead at the future. Work towards your future without the burden of your past.

Forgive Yourself: 

Life does not come with a manual. So it is alright to commit mistakes. Committing mistakes is a part of growing and getting matured in life. Everyone on this planet, you, me and the person you last met… yes.. everyone has regrets and problems. We all make mistakes. IT’S NO BIG DEAL.

Engage Yourself In Some Hobbies:

It is time for you to set your imagination free and give wings to your creative thoughts. Engage yourself in some hobbies like gardening, painting, cooking etc. where you can demonstrate your creativity. While you are at it, maybe you can search for a hidden passion. Maybe you are capable of solving a problem in this world or someone’s life. You can make someone’s world a better place.

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Speak Your Heart Out: 

Maintain a diary where you can pen down your thoughts. Do not hold yourself while expressing your feelings and writing it down in your personal diary. I personally love to blog. It’s the best way to pour out feelings. You can even blog anonymously. Vent out all your frustration over the internet.

Do Not Indulge in Negative Thoughts: 

Even if negative thoughts try to infest your mind you should always ensure that you shun those thoughts right away at that moment and replace those with positive ones. Optimism is a much needed beam of light in this dark dark world.

Set Goals for Yourself: 

how to get out of depression symptoms of depressionTry to accomplish task for yourself which you had been looking forward to. For this to happen you can always indulge yourself in some new activities like learning to drive a car or ride a bike. Maybe you want to excel in your career in a particular area.. you should take up a course or learn more about it.

Do Not Isolate Yourself: 

Make yourself happy by catching-up with your besties and your family by spending some quality time with them. Friends and family are the only ones who can support us emotionally at times of distress. Join clubs, go out on meetups that keep happening around the town. Go Network!

Have Faith:

Above everything have faith and confidence in yourself. YOU are truly UNIQUE! There is only a single piece of you.


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