People many in life I met,
    But there is one person unforgettable yet.
    A person so gentle, sweet and nice,
    With no cruelty, selfishness, or vice.
    Even for a moment without her, I cannot do.
    If you knew her the way I did, you would love her, too.
    It is for her this poem I pen,
    A thing I always wanted to do since when.
    But, it was a task I never managed to write,
    For she is the sparkle of a star very bright.
    Still, my dear Aliandra, I pen my thoughts just for you,
    To let you know there can never be another Aliandra like you.
    You are my everything,
    A song anyone would love to sing.
    God has made a masterpiece so very true,
    there will never be another that compares to you.

    Soumya Bollapragada
    Soumya Bollapragada is an Indian film actress,writer,director and model.

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