“The Call…”

Take me to the lands,
Where GOD carelessly hibernates;
Somewhere,…where the first ray of sun touches,
To embrace and kiss the Earth mildly.
With its hands of glory,
In the lands of stories.

Because, my nostalgia still resides there;
Where I strolled down the alleys of my life,
From birth till adolescence,
To ripen from the youths;
And finally become a nomadic man,
To rest at non-peace;
In the distant land to pamper,
And nourish my unease.

Those Eastern winds gently used to lovingly slap me,
And has caressed me today again;
Whispering few hidden secrets into my ears.
When I imagine those early morning mists,
Conceiving on freshly blossomed Rose’ petals;
So touched by those crystal dew drops,
I scribble again,
Scribbling on my old lost slate of memories,
Losing in my distant memory lane.

There where, everyday arrived with new lessons of life,
And a few spoonful of surprises to teach every time.
There where, every night would depart,
Singing transcendental warm lullabies.
Ooh..! Come and take me to that land of mine;
To meet my needs,
Drinking from the blue seas.
Whilst, I meet my memorable desired ends.
Someday, somewhere in the lands,
From where, the calling calls me every time.

All Copyrights Reserved © by Akash Sagar

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Akash is an aspiring Poet/Author/Song writer and also writes content for various articles/blogs and threads posted in innumerable websites, communities and social networking groups for literary works. He is good at brainstorming and fast in writing crispy content, bold slogans, catchy captions and punchy one liner’s. Akash has already got few of write ups internationally published in an Anthology on Zombies named as, ‘Unleash the undead’ a compilation by international author Samie Sands. Currently, he looks forward to launch his first book published by 'Destined to write publications', which is a Canadian publishing/writing firm.


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