A cat fights inside us: Emotion Vs Feelings


“There is no guarantee of our feelings. Today we want this tomorrow we want that.. Its like there’s a fight of feelings, one feeling wants to get over the other”.

Not to be mistaken by these two words seeming to have the same meaning. These two words can sometimes make us feel confused. There is equal probability of their relatedness and strikingly there is a huge difference as well. They have their own purposes in our life.


Many of us may think why we should bother about these two words. We may not care and give a moment to these words. Let’s look this way, every day we counter obstacles and pleasure and they root from our emotions and feelings. I hope you got what I mean to say. Therefore by knowing and learning the differences we can be better not only oneself but towards our family, colleagues and relatives as a whole.


According to both Carl Jung and Social Anthropologist Abner Cohen, materials around us draw and invoke emotions. It’s natural, and is crucial for human survival. You may have felt a sensation of fear whenever you faced a real life challenges or unidentified objects. From where these fear comes in front of us out of nowhere?. It’s our emotions that transcends into our feeling and feed us with sensation of fear finally.

Rightly, every unidentified objects around our surroundings are attached to us through our emotions. We can make something closer to us by understanding its nature through our emotions. Then that emotion pictures that unidentified object as something closer and valuable to us. So we may think that whatever exists on this universe has a meaning and our feelings will adjust towards it as the situations warrents us.

We may think why we should bother about other unidentified materials around us when we have no connection to them. But not to forget, we are connected to everything around us through our emotions. Emotions helps us to establish relations with one another on our daily basis. It helps us to be closer, smarter, dearer, fighter, builder and anything possible so as to make our survival fit the life bill.

Everytime and everywhere our emotions are created within us through the objects around us, then they reside in our subconscious mind. More repetitions of these situation gets accumulated in a long run. This will finally give us the final emotional conclusion of our life, how to live and survive mentally, physically and socially. After a long process within ourselves, a feeling comes in existence and play its part. These feelings are our protector which guides us to make our way in the dire situations as well as in our happiness and sorrows.

What does all these means for us personally?

We are living in the world of constant competition and dissatisfaction. We may be dissatisfied at times in our life, and I say you that there is nothing really wrong with us but there is something to understand and discover about ourself. The feelings that are generated through our life cycle can be the best source of our motivation and strength to live a very successful and healthy life.




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