Doordarshan Serials From The Past

    Right now we have many TV channels and many shows but lack the time to watch them and I dont think any of the current shows would leave us a memory that would last forever. Back then it was just a single channel, few shows, lot of time and lots of memories. Here is a list our favourite shows… See how many you can remember.

    1. Chitrahaar


    Image: funzpick

    The show which kept us updated on the latest Bollywood songs.


    2. Alif Laila

    alif laila Image: viralstories

    Remember the Green Genie?

    3. Chandrakantha

    Chandrakanta Image: andhrafriends

    “Yakuuu” ! Kroor Singh with his crazy huge eyebrows 😉

    4. Byomkesh Bakshi

    Byomkesh Bakshi

    Image: apnicommunity
    India’s very own Sherlock Holmes.

    5. Dekh bhai Dekh

    Dekh bhai Dekh Image: ibnlive

    The comedy show that made my day.


    6. Captain Vyom

    captain_vyom Image: youtube

    India’s very own Sci-fi with the concept of time machine.


    7. Jungle Book

    jungle book Image:

    Mowgli, Sher Khan, Bagheera, Baloo & yeah ofcourse the theme song that will last in our memories forever!!


    8. Mahabharat

    mahabharat Image: abhisays

    The show  that got the entire family together to watch it.


    9. Fauji

    fauji Image: microfinancemonitor

    Fauji showed us the life of men in Indian Army and the show that made Shah Rukh Khan famous!!


    10. Potli Baba Ki

    Potli Baba Ki Image: youtube

    The title song ‘Aaya Re Baba’ is never to be forgotten and the show taught us good moral lessons.


    11. Samandar

    samandar Image: youtube

    A show dedicated to the Indian Navy.


    12. The Sword Of Tipu Sultan

    The Sword Of Tipu Sultan Image: wikipedia

    The life of the greatest Ruler of Mysore – Tipu Sultan!!!


    13. Tenali Raman

    tenali raman Image: youtube

    Tenali Raman – A telugu poet known for his wit and sense of humor.


    14. Tehkikaat

    Tehkikaat Image: wikipedia

    Sam D’Silva & Gopichand solving crime murders.


    15. Shriman Shrimati

    ShrimanShrimatiImage :cornerstone-docs

    The main characters – Dilruba, Prema , Keshu, Koki & Mr. Sharm. Uff! can never forget them.


    16. Surabhi

    surabhiImage :propelsteps

    This show Hosted by Renuka Shahane and Siddharth Kak took us to places we had never been too!!


    17. Malgudi Days

    malgudi1Image :youtube

    Based on the book by R.K Narayan . This show was about the boy named Swami in the town of Malgudi.


    18. Shaktimaan

    shaktimaanImage :youtube
    Our very own superhero and the favourite among the kids – SHAKTIMAAN!!!!


    19.  Vikram Aur Betaal

    vikram-betalImage :hundredminutes.blogspot

    Betaal told stories to king Vikramaditya which the king had to answer. The moral questions related to the story helped us kids understand the morals of life.


    20. Zabaan Sambhal Ke

    zabaan-sambhal-keImage :youtube

    Mohan Bharti inspite of being an engineer was forced to teach Hindi in a school . His students being from different parts of the world were taught Hindi in a funny way.


    21. Rangoli

    rangoliImage :youtube

    The show hosted by Hema Malini, played the latest and the old bollywood music videos.


    22. Chanakya

    chanakyaImage :youtube

    This show was about the life of Chanakya.


    23. Nukkad

    nukkadImage : abhisays

    This show was about the struggles of a lower-middle class family.


    24. Ramayan

    ramayan Image :

    The show name says it all. It was about the Ramayan.


    25. Shanti

    shanti-490 Image: topyapps

    The show was about Shanti and her struggle.


    26. Duck Tales


    Uncle Scrooge and his three naughty grandnephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie!!


    27. Circus

    circus Image :

    The life in a cirus and another show of Shah Rukh Khan!!!


    28. Guinness Book of World Records

    guiness-record Image : litreactor

    The crazy world records that kept us glued to the TV sets!

    29. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

    heman Image:

    He-Man saving the secrets of Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor.


    30. Talespin

    talespin Image : wikipedia

    Baloo – The amazing Pilot, Kit – The Navigator, Rebecca , Wildcat and the Air Pirates!!!

    31 . Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad

    Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad Image : pinterest

    Sam or Servo goes into the digital world to fight against Malcolm.
    32. Shri Krishna

    Shri-Krishna Image :

    The Life of Shri Krishna!!

    33. Sea Hawks

    seahawks Image : itimes

    Sea Hawks had stars like Om Puri , R Madhavan, Om Puri, Milind Soman & Nikki Aneja.


    34. Oshin

    oshin Image :

    The story about the life of Shin Tanokura.

    35. Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne

    mungeri_lal Image : youtube

    Comedy serial based on the life of Mungerlal!

    36. Knight Rider

    knight-rider Image : pinterest

    The talking car with the latest weaponry that I always wanted.

    37. Street Hawk

    street_hawk Image : aperturearts

    The famous tagline back then “The man…the machine…Street Hawk

    38. Jai Hanumaanhanuman Image : popscreen

    The show based on the life of Hanuman!!!

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