The Lone Eagle

    Lone eagle, that hovers and soars, a speck in my eye,

    I long to be like you as you ride rough winds in the sky,

    And to dare in the vast endless blue, fearless to die,

    Scanning all that transpires beneath your wings, many dimensions you defy.

    Gliding in your own paradise your wings all taut,

    But with a gentle grace that bends, your panache endlessly I have sought,

    Your dispassionate, forthright focus I try to emulate,

    You swoop into my heart like a mute soul mate.

    You serenade the skies, mincing winds mighty, swaying with the breeze,

    And I with my mind space with imagination that I let words tease,

    If I could be like you I will brace myself with fortitude,

    And celebrate my freedom, independence and solitude!

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