Midnight on rooftops

    The perfect midnight on rooftop would be gazing at the stars while your favorite song is playing in the background. And nothing else. Just you, your inner self and your other self, the one you wish you were.

    It was the perfect setting, and I started thinking about how tiny I am in the world and how all that matters at last is how I live my life. The song lyrics started to make deeper meaning and I felt I made out even more meaning than what the lyricist could ever imagine.

    I started thinking more about my life so far and finally wished I was still a child, my other self. The memories started flowing like water from a dam that had been just opened. My younger years flashed by, my parents, my childhood friends (about whom I have no idea right now) and my cousins and thought to myself how lovely it used to be when I was a child. My craving to be a child intensified and I started cursing time.

    But then time has also been a great friend. He has taken me to where I am now, in the company of some of the craziest people in my life. He has taken me to meet those crazy friends from college with whom I have shared so many amazing moments. He has taken me places and imparted so much knowledge about life.

    My memory flow had slowed down. Or at least I felt so, because the memories were more vivid. Slowly, the midnight on the rooftop got more interesting. I got into the mood of trying something new and creative, something I had never tried before. I searched my options – Music? No. Sing? Never boy. Dance? Look at yourself. Write? That could be done, I only have to put some words together. And then I  started, “The perfect midnight on rooftop would be gazing at the stars while your favorite song is playing in the background”.



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    Anish K
    Anish is an engineer who writes articles for fun and code for work. He is currently trying to write code that writes articles so that he can just write code, which in effect would be writing articles.

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