“Pouring an Ounce Full of Mercy upon Us”

Just like a Peacock’s heart, which anxiously throbs;
To pulsate a vigorous thirst in it, in us;
We shamelessly etch on Mother Earth’s breasts;
To resonate and thrust our restlessness,
In vapors of liquid love here, there and everywhere;
Herein this scorching summer World,
Praying to the mighty but merciless Sun;
Prying to see it calm and come down,
To sink and unburn the humans;
In sync, we all culprit clowns,
So foolishly anticipate a sweet smell;
And wait for a fuliginous clouded fun,
Pouring an ounce full of mercy upon us;
In fluid droplets of dollars and pounds.

Unlike the stone-hearted deaf and dumb God,
In fact, the carbon coated water carriers;
Ears our pleas;
Responding in lightning and thunders,
To spit our glees;
Draining out our agonies,
Drenching barren lands,
Bringing back life into dried rivers nostril;
Nourishing anemic and verdant saplings,
Singing a lullaby to many sleepless and poor nights.

And here comes the rain again,
Showering some love;
For a life to remain;
But still we would continue to be,
Being inhumanely insane;
In search of a nonsense here,
Where we lose everything;
And leave absolutely no-thing to gain,
Ooh..!!! We would be born again here and there again;
To reap the same old curse of death,
Recurring in all for all;
From ash to ash,
And dust to dust;
We play the game of life in vain.

Thoughts poured @ 3:42 Hours
Dated as on 2nd June’ 2015

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Akash is an aspiring Poet/Author/Song writer and also writes content for various articles/blogs and threads posted in innumerable websites, communities and social networking groups for literary works. He is good at brainstorming and fast in writing crispy content, bold slogans, catchy captions and punchy one liner’s. Akash has already got few of write ups internationally published in an Anthology on Zombies named as, ‘Unleash the undead’ a compilation by international author Samie Sands. Currently, he looks forward to launch his first book published by 'Destined to write publications', which is a Canadian publishing/writing firm.


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