“A Salty Cup of Tea with Jesus”

One fresh morning,
While sipping good morning blues with Jesus;
The King of Nazareth cried loudly,
And I died loudly;
For why He made humans..?
To corrupt the beautiful garden of Eden;
After all, why He made humans..?

Tis’ we, have spoiled the beautiful Earth;
By slaughtering the verdant greenery here,
So elegantly in every birth;
Leaving a reason to chase,
A clue to live for;
Behind and after each death.

I tasted the salty tea,
Blended with His tears;
Since His sacrificing crucifixion,
We have slurped of off him;
And I was ashamed,
To call myself as a Human;
A heinous Homo-sapien.

And I pleaded to Him,
If my death is eternally undone;
Better make me a Mosquito in next birth.
He cried loudly,
And I lied loudly.

To gently hymn living further,
For why He made humans;
To be born again and again,
After all, why He made me a human;
A heinous Homo-sapien.

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Akash is an aspiring Poet/Author/Song writer and also writes content for various articles/blogs and threads posted in innumerable websites, communities and social networking groups for literary works. He is good at brainstorming and fast in writing crispy content, bold slogans, catchy captions and punchy one liner’s. Akash has already got few of write ups internationally published in an Anthology on Zombies named as, ‘Unleash the undead’ a compilation by international author Samie Sands. Currently, he looks forward to launch his first book published by 'Destined to write publications', which is a Canadian publishing/writing firm.


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