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Floods in Gujarat and Nifty- Waiting For The End To Come

Nifty making a mad dash to the top mark. India right now a hot market for foreign investments. NATIONAL   -The heavy rains have flooded Gujarat. CM Vijay...

Neer Mahal – The Only Lake Palace in the East

Rajasthan, the land of palaces and forts is there in the checklist of every travel minded person. One of the main attractions of the state...

8 Places You Must Visit In North East

One of the most sought after destination nowadays along with the Himalayan Kingdoms like Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh is the North East. Comprising of...

Shahadat Ko Naman – A Tribute to Martyrs Of 26/11

SHAHADAT KO NAMAN Shaheedon ko Naman, Shahadat ko Naman Desh par mar mitne ki uss, Aadat ko Naman Agrata mein Mulk ko, Maalik se aage Rakha Matrubhumi pe...