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An Author With A Strong Voice- Sukhmani Gandhi

Author of a new release 'The Shadow of the Dark Soul', Sukhmani Gandhi has a voice that is strong and capturing. She is a...

In Shoes Of… A DJ

1. Best compliment you have received...? Every time after my set, "When people say you made my day". But one best compliment I have received...

In Shoes Of… An Author

‘The Serpentine Scrolls’ has gained much recognition and success in the Kindle market. The much awaited book by Ajay Kumar aka Alcatraz Dey is soon to...

In Shoes Of… A Traveler

25 years old, Yannick Rogge, a civil engineer from Germany, decided to back pack and come to India and has been travelling all over...

In Shoes of… ‘A Sailor’

Merchant Navy to many may be rather an intimidating job due to the risks involved and the stress of being all alone for months...