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An Adult Orphan’s Cry

Was it really so necessary, For you both to get married; Was it so obligatory, For you to divorce and separate; Was it damn compulsory, For you to get...


Aliandra People many in life I met, But there is one person unforgettable yet. A person so gentle, sweet and nice, With no cruelty, selfishness, or vice. Even for...

“Mariam’s 1000 Dirty Days and One Blessed Night of Marriage”

Twas' 02:15 hours, stray Dogs crying; A cold shivering midnight slowly and deviously along with; The dooms December mist conspires a sweet revenge, An infidelity stung planned...

“The Call…”

Take me to the lands, Where GOD carelessly hibernates; Somewhere,...where the first ray of sun touches, To embrace and kiss the Earth mildly. With its hands of...