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10 Signs that Your Relationship Match was Made in Heaven

We all know couples who knew that they were soulmates from their very first meeting. Those couples really look wonderful together. They set serious relationship...

10 Days That Felt Like 10 Years

Day 1: She knew she would not care. Wasn't she the most tough girl eh, sorry, woman in the world? Day 2: She almost did...

2 Minute’s Kiss

"It's pretty late in the night guys, I need to be home soon or I'll be grounded" I screamed at the two foolhardy boys...

“The Final Fantasy.”

Pattu was his nick name given by the girl he loved, as his full name was Rahul Pattnaik. Rahul and Ruhi met each other...

“To Buy her Soul a Happy World.”

And it was Diwali that night, entire country was celebrating the festival of lights. When Aryan,  was sitting in a dark corner under a...