7 Must Have Feng Shui Items

    How do you think Feng Shui helps us?

    We are surrounded by energy (Chi) and there are a certain items that activate the positive energies around us.

    What more, they even look good as pieces of decoration. Here are a few good luck charms to decorate your home or office space with:

    1. Bamboo Plants

     Image ;
    Image ;

    The lucky bamboo gets peace and positive energy to your home or office. The Bamboo plant represents five elements;
    Earth – Use rocks, clay or pebbles to grow the lucky Bamboo plant to represent the Earth.
    Fire – Tie a ribbon arround the lucky Bamboo plant to symbolize fire.
    Metal – Put a coin(gold,silver,copper or brass) in the pot to symbolize metal.
    Water – Fresh water every week is needed to keep the plant alive and it represents the element Water.
    Wood – The Bamboo stalk represents wood .

    Placement – The southeast or the eastern direction corner of your home or office.

    2. Wind Chimes

     Image :
    Image :

    Metal wind chimes are always considered good to ward off negative energies and attract good fortune to your home and office.

    Placement – Hang the wind chime at the entrance of the main door to bring in positive energy.

    3. Three legged frog

     Image :
    Image :

    The three legged frog also called the Money Frog is said to enhance your wealth within no time. According to the chinese legend the three legged frog was one of the wife of the Eight Immortals who was greedy and stole the peaches of immortality and as a punishment was converted into a frog.
    The money frog carries a coin in the mouth and sits on a pile of coins. To activate the Money frog, its necessary to place a coin in its mouth, and to tie a red ribbon around it or place it on a red cloth.

    Placement – Never place her on the floor, or in the bedroom or the bathroom cos you would be disrespecting her. The best place to keep the Money frog is diagonally opposite to the main door. For good news about investments place her southeast corner of the living room.

    4. Fuk Luk Sau

     Image :
    Image :

    The three wise men are the Gods of Health, Wealth and Prosperity. Since they are Gods they should be treated with respect even if you do not pray to them.

    Placement – They should always be placed in the same order as in Fuk Luk Sau. Fuk will be carrying a child and Sau is always seen smiling. The best place to keep them would be in the dinning room, behind you in an elevated position. Since the entire family gathers in the dinning room and they can always be blessed.

    5. Chin Lin

     Image :
    Image :

    Chin li is mythical chinese creature with a head of a Dragon, body of a horse and the scales of a carp fish. Chin li is considered to be very loyal to its owner and wards of negative energy. Chin lin always come in a pair, the one with a ball ( which represents earth) under his feet, is the male. Its believed that if you look into the eyes of the female it brings prosperity and wealth.

    Placement – Place them on the either side, outside the main door to prevent bad chi from entering your home, you can also place Chin Lin on your desk at your office.

    6. Mandarin Duck

     Image :
    Image :

    Mandarin Ducks are said to solve the problems in Love and Relationships. They being together represents strong love. Its also said that Mandarin Ducks cure people who are single. Also very effective for married couples to solve problems in their married life. Make sure you do not buy the Mandarin Ducks are not made of wood.

    Placement – For married couples its best to keep them at your bedside. For the rest, you can place them in the south-west corner of the room.

    7. Laughing Buddha

     Image :
    Image :

    There are many different types of Laughing Buddha and it is strongly believed that they bring in good luck.

    Placement – Its best advised to keep the Buddha in the living room facing the main door. Buddha should not be placed near any electrical equipment or on the floor. Buddha’s birthday is on 8th of May and its considered auspicious to light a candle on his birthday.

    Priya Ravinder
    Priya Ravinder is a Business Strategist having an exceptional flair at writing personal blogs, stories and other aspects of the web. She is smart and quirky about expressing her expert opinions about corporate life, technology and personal life in general.

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