“Your Few Words in a Sweet Pain of Separation ”

    16:34 hours then,
    When she gently said these two lines:
    “I don’ wanna’ get rid of you;
    And I would miss you, when you go”.

    And yet again;
    A tired and exhausted setting Sun,
    Started to shine brightly for me;
    Only for me.
    And who knows? From where,
    A mildly loving warm breeze;
    Tightly slapped my lazy consciousness,
    And only of mine.

    Ooh..! Girl, your these words,
    These two and half lines have awakened my senses again;
    Have made it migrate to another vein;
    Onto a different evening in a quick recap.
    When we made few four-eyed commitments,
    In unspoken words of truth in silences;
    Whispered by our hearts,
    Only beating in yours and mine.

    And my crazy love,
    Wonderingly imagines;
    And consolingly becomes happy today.
    Thinking about a sweet pain of separation,
    Bringing a micro-mini-pause in your heart;
    And only in your heart. And mine?
    Ooh! Mine has halted, since a long time.'
    A(a)kash has been a part of few anthologies and Poetry Festivals namely Efflorescence by Chennai Poetry Circle, Glomag by Glory Sasikala, The Virtual Reality (Sparrow Publishers), Guntur Int Poetry Fest and many more. He is also a proud member of Soul Scriber’s Society, Salem that curates Yercaud Poetry Festival every year.

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