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Why I Enjoy Throwing Myself In Uncomfortable Situations And Urge You...

Some people say I'm a risk taker, some think I'm selfish or careless, while others think I have commitment issues. Maybe I am all...

What Happened When I Gave in to Instant Gratification

Okay, so if you have clicked on the link assuming it’s about my self gratification… ahem...you’re still on the right page. So let me start...

Endless Possibilities

The day you become truly dangerous, Is the day you recognise the endless possibilities ahead of you.

Quotes By Akash Sagar

"In this Walk of Life only one parameter is Constant. The distance between Me and the horizon"

Quotes By Akash Sagar

Our Soul naturally clings to undisturbed timelessness,It is this Commercial World;Conspiringly driven through the mind,And hypnotized dreaming hearts;Which makes our Soul so restlessly burn,Like...

Akash Sagar

Only thing which constantly and endlessly blows all through out one's life are the - Winds Of Change

Quotes – Akash Sagar

To understand my poems, you need to decipher and read the silent thoughts latent in gaps, between each and every word of mine. You...

Akash Sagar

"Poets are creatively shameless creatures. They tend to get pleased, when a reader enjoys and applauds the poets personal sattire."