“Your Few Words in a Sweet Pain of Separation ”


16:34 hours then,
When she gently said these two lines:
“I don’ wanna’ get rid of you;
And I would miss you, when you go”.

And yet again;
A tired and exhausted setting Sun,
Started to shine brightly for me;
Only for me.
And who knows? From where,
A mildly loving warm breeze;
Tightly slapped my lazy consciousness,
And only of mine.

Ooh..! Girl, your these words,
These two and half lines have awakened my senses again;
Have made it migrate to another vein;
Onto a different evening in a quick recap.
When we made few four-eyed commitments,
In unspoken words of truth in silences;
Whispered by our hearts,
Only beating in yours and mine.

And my crazy love,
Wonderingly imagines;
And consolingly becomes happy today.
Thinking about a sweet pain of separation,
Bringing a micro-mini-pause in your heart;
And only in your heart. And mine?
Ooh! Mine has halted, since a long time.

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