Pooja Thakkar

    Lawyer for now. An ex film critic and a Television Producer at Channel V and Zee. Thriving on life and often oscillating between the urge to experience and the urge to share that experience. Find liberation in writing. Super kicked about traveling, dancing, photography, dream interpretation, philosophy and alot of trippy things under the sun.
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    Backpacker’s hack for the BIG FAT Euro Trip!

    As much as my generation may have been defamed for being so obsessed with the social-media and being termed everything from twit to ditz...

    Why Croatia Is A Cerulean Paradise

    Even the worst of artists like me would impulsively sketch out the quintessential ‘scenery’ drawing, when asked to draw something. I think that visual of...

    What to Do When In Shanghai- The Black Sheep of China

    In a country that eats, breathes and lives trade and a country that boasts a separate city for manufacturing pretty much everything, Shanghai cuts...

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