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Prince of Biotechnology and Biodiversity from Nepal- Dr. Niranjan Koirala

Dr. Niranjan Koirala is an academician-researcher-entrepreneur-social worker from the beautiful city Pokhara of Nepal which is located landlocked between India and China. Dr. Koirala...

Sudeep Nagarkar- An Interview with India’s New Sensation

Sudeep Nagarkar has quickly risen to being India's favorite romantic book writer. At the age of 27 he has seen fame and success and...

In Shoes of a philosopher!!!

Cheytan Kris, the Bangalore based writer has come up with an interesting take on life, values and the people around us in his debut...

In Shoes Of… A Painter

Painters have always had a challenge in creating their niche and carving their names into an imperishable eternity. Among budding painters in Bangalore, Ketaki...

In Shoes Of… ‘An Indian Sadhu’

India is a land of spirituality. People all around the globe come to India in search of a higher state of wellbeing. Steve Jobs...