Cheytan Kris, the Bangalore based writer has come up with an interesting take on life, values and the people around us in his debut book “Your Freedom At Last” by Numerique Publications. lets hear from him on what he has to say more about his book.

  1. First of all tell me something about yourself and the story behind your pen name!!!

philosopherAm a high energy individual, a dreamer, an analyst of sorts, a psychologist of sorts. I keep asking question “why”. A mix of these attributes has made me what I am today. The story behind my pen name is a little funny. It is definitely nothing to do with numerology or the sorts. Actually because I started meeting people in countries where they had difficulty in pronouncing my name. Not where my first name could be easily associated with the famous writer Chetan Bhagat. They started pronoucing it like “che” in “cheek” and not like in “chetak”. Hence I put the extra “y” to make it easy to get the sound of chey in chetak rather than che in cheek.

  1. Were you always a writer or something inspired you to write?

I always felt that nobody could understand me well, and if understood mostly wrong. And it was equally bad with me, in understanding others. And finally I reached a point where I could understand every human being on the planet. And so decided to write so people could understand me, and each other well across continents.

  1. Why should readers buy your book? What is so different about it?

I feel people have been enslaved for too long, and if they care for their freedom, if they care to understand others, if they care to have control on the outcome in their lifes, they should read the book.

The book is on a totally new paradigm of thinking, hence the difference with other books. I believe this book will be talked about a lot in the years to come in areas of freedom,  individual choice, personality, winning an argument, influencing others, psychology, political science, business management and more. I feel I have written something on the lines of Darwin’s “Origin of Species” which was a lot laughed about book in its days and now accepted. I expect the same here with some making weird comments, but I guarantee that my logic will win the game.

  1. Do you think the genre you write in is a bit less explored in our country?

Non-fictions as genre is a little less explored in any country compared to fictions. However in a emerging economy it is even lesser, but holds promise in the future.

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  1. Who are your favourite authors and why?

One of my favourite author is definitely Dan Brown, because he captivates the reader in a way that I want to achieve it some day myself.

  1. Has anyone been instrumental in your journey as a writer? How did that person help you?

If not instrumental I would say people I got associated influenced me to think in a way only I could. As I said, am a dreamer, see things differently, and people who influenced me were my teachers and parents.

  1. As this is your first book, can we expect more books from you in the same genre or you will be shifting genres?

I will definitely be shifting genres. I plan to write something on inter-planet adventure story. 

  1. One question that every writer needs to answer, how do you write? Any particular habit or routine you follow?

Absolutely no routine. I allow my inner self to take over the command to dictate my vocabulary, thoughts, and attitude that get reflected in the output.

  1. Which is your favourite quote from your own book and why?

Your freedom atlastIf allowed, I would rather choose a point than a quote from my book, as there are less quotes. The point where I bring Buddha as Arjuna’s guide and teacher in the Kurukshetra war instead of Krishna is my favourite. Honestly I struggled to find an answer to this scenario for about 2 years or so. And the answer I found is the message you get in the book. Hence this is one of my favourite point in the book.

  1. Where do you see yourself ten years from now as a person and as a writer?

Well, that is a difficult one. My senior keeps saying “Plans may fail, but don’t fail to plan”. So here is what I plan or see myself as a person in ten years. Probably re-married to someone whose values match with mine, more calm and peaceful. And as  a writer probably with a good fan following.

  1. What is your take on Contemporary Indian writers?

If you asked me this question a few years back, I would have said “seriously have no take”. But surprisingly the Indian reader has woken up. People now read more than they used to hence it is good news for Contemporary Indian writers. We seem to have gotten out of the issue of chicken and egg, where there were theories floating “no good writers and hence no readers, and vice-versa”. Today writers like Chetan Bhagat, Shoba De continue to hold the readers captivated.

Most importantly, why do u write?

It gives me immense release of energy. It becomes a tool to share my thoughts with all the people, and gives me a sense of belonging with my readers.


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