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How To Let Go- A Mind Exercise For Letting Go

Everytime you are sad, stressed, anxious, insecure, worried, mourning or even suicidal.. just take a deep breath. Letting go of people, thoughts, longing, sadness,...

Girl Who Had No Privacy- Part 2

This is a three part series of a futuristic dystopian world, where everything is public. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.   .....CONTD from PART 1 I’m back finally. Gosh! Yet again,...

The Chair- A Short Story

There were huge fist sized knots in the back of his neck. He could feel them- an unwelcome existence in his body. He twisted...

Story Of An Eternal Misfit

  She woke up to see a single message flashing on her phone. As she unlocked it and checked who it was, she wondered how...

Rest In Violence

As I walked down the moist filled pavement towards my home, some unsolicited thoughts wandered inside me. Her spongy hair that was blind sighting...