how to let go of your love, worries, stress, loss, sadness
Everytime you are sad, stressed, anxious, insecure, worried, mourning or even suicidal.. just take a deep breath. Letting go of people, thoughts, longing, sadness, worries, or stress is not as difficult as it initially seems. I shall share with you a simple exercise that keeps me from holding on to my problems:

Imagine you are relaxed and happy.

You are lying on your back with your eyes closed…. in a state of bliss.

You are now floating along a steady stream that is cascading through beautiful valleys, forests and mountains.

This is your journey through life.

The gurgling soft sound of the stream puts you in a state of joy, bliss and well being.

You have a smile on your face and when you open your eyes and look at the beauty around you, it fills your heart up with ecstasy.

You are now floating along a steady stream that is cascading through these array of enthralling landscapes

You are in a state of joy, bliss and well being.

You have a smile on your face and a look at the beauty around you fills your heart up with euphoria.

You feel connected to nature, connected to your body, connected to your self. You are aware. Your awareness of good and bad expands. You start humming a happy tune as you float.

You can see little fishes floating beside you. Nothing harmful. Everything is just beautiful. And you feel beautiful.

You think nothing can take this away from you. You are calm and relaxed. Your happiness is yours…. envisioned and created by you.

You take a look above and you see a low hanging branch from a tree.

For some reason, you hold on to the branch.

You like holding on to the branch. It is a welcome change from floating towards your life’s destination.

But the sharp texture of the branch cuts through your skin and you’re bleeding, but you don’t realise it.

A general discomfort and pain fills ur consciousness from holding on too long.

You need to let go.

You’re mind says that you need to let go.

But your heart is afraid of the uncertainties ahead. Heart wants the certainty of the branch.

Imagine the branch as the person, worry, stress, sadness, loss that you are holding on to and not letting go.

Unclasp your fingers slowly. Imagine yourself doing it.

Unclasp your heart from surrounding itself around that thing which is troubling you the most.

Feel how the sharp edges of the branch slowly stop hurting as you loosen the grip.

Let the branch go.

And feel the negative people, thoughts, worries, conflicts slip away from your mind.

You’re happy. Sooooo happy.


And you will find yourself back to the state of flow.

The state of motion.

This is what is beautiful.

Remember the feeling.

Don’t let anything take this away from you.

It’s when you’re static that you’re losing out.

Every experience we have, good or bad is only a step leading to personal growth

Do this exercise everytime you feel overwhelmed by life.

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