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7 YouTube Marketing Tips That Can Help To Improve Your Video Watch Time


YouTube is the best entertaining platform around the world! It has 2 billion active users and more than a million content creators. At every single minute, 500 hours of YouTube videos were uploaded. YouTube usage will be increasing each hour. So, YouTube is considered the second largest search engine platform. 

Many YouTubers make high-quality content for engaging their audience. But, they forget how to improve the watch hours and more subscribers to their channel. If you want to monetize from your YouTube channel, you should get 1000 subscribers and have 4000 watched hours in the last 12 months. In this article, we will find a lot of ways to get YouTube watch time for your channel.  

1. Create High-Quality Content:

No matter if you are new or experienced on YouTube, it only matters your content is high quality. Making content should be useful and engaging your audience in the whole video. 

More Video creators are confused about which type of content will plan? No worries, YouTube offers more types of content to add to your YouTube account, like travel, food, makeup, how to use, etc. More suits you to take and create the content. 

Once the viewers engage with your content, automatically, your watch time will increase. And it’s more likely to gain more subscribers to your channel. So, concentrate on your content, both video, and audio quality. 

2. Make Long Videos:

If your ultimate focus is on improving watch time which means you should create a long video. Like that, make the plan accordingly. Before making the content consider the video length. 

While creating the video, you must check the equipment frequently. That is camera quality, lighting, tripod stand, and audio tools. Because if you have good quality content, but the video looks poor, it means no one can view your video. 

Keep in mind, don’t create too much lengthy video. Because the audience won’t be interested in viewing the full videos. The perfect limit should be 15- 20 minutes are sufficient. Your video content must be engaging and informative to your audience! 

3. Create a series:

To create loyal fans and subscribers to your YouTube account, you need to get them happy about your new video content. Without a doubt, there’s a better way to do that than by creating a series!

Being consistent is the most important factor for all the YouTubers. Also, if you want to keep the themed videos to your audience—basically at the time, every week, month. It is just like a TV series; it will help your audience eagerly watching your content. 

Make a plan properly like how many days need to create a video, editing time, subtitle time, and finally upload them! Keep the plan and follow it accordingly! Once you have missed the consistency, the audience gets less interest in your content. 

4. Optimize Your Video:

Making engaging content does matter, but how to improve your video is more important! Keep optimizing your content using keywords, which helps to improve your ranking on search engine pages. 

Video Title:

A video title must attract your audience and be relevant to your content. The title’s length should be less than 65 characters and is easy to understand by the audience. You can also place the keyword at the beginning of the title, improving your ranking! 

Video Description:

This part helps to explain your brand or business to the audience. The length of the description limit should be less than 1000 characters, and you can place 2-4 keywords in this section. When audiences use the same keywords, it helps to fetch your video in search engine results. 

5. Create Eye-catchy Thumbnail: 

If you want to get YouTube watch time, you should know the importance of the thumbnail images. Because a new user enters a YouTube channel page, it explains your content with a single image! Make sure that the image should be related to your video content! 

Here are a few tips for creating a compelling thumbnail:

  • Image pixels should be 1280 x 720
  • Image format are .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG etc
  • The image file must be less than 2 MB
  • Add attractive colors are Green, Orange, etc.,

6. Make a Video Playlist:

Do you know that you will get watch time on YouTube even though people don’t watch your YouTube videos?

If you create more playlists on the YouTube channel, you will get instant watch time. If a viewer starts to click your playlist, it will play continuously without a disturbance until the viewers stop. Also, the advantage of a playlist is to run next to the next video. With this, you will increase your whole watch time on your channel. 

Besides that, you can also segregate your videos that are similar and use the keywords in the playlist name. You will save the audience time to spend the scroll down & search for the videos. 

7. Concentrate on your Subscriber Count:

Your channel wants to get famous, and you should increase your subscriber count on your channel. 

How will you get more subscribers? 

There are a lot of possible ways to gain subscribers to your account. These are,

  • Use CTA options,
  • Ask your audience to subscribe to my channel
  • Promote your content on social media
  • Work with YouTube stars

There are possible ways to increase the more subscribers for your channel. When the audience checks out your channel and finds a respectable number of subscribers, they definitely view your videos. Hereby, you can improve your channel watch time on YouTube. 

Final Words:

I hope you may know that watch time and it’s the most vital metric to measure success on YouTube. As a YouTuber, you need to increase your YouTube watch time for YouTube SEO. Don’t waste your time! Implement now itself! 

Thanks for the reading!

Author Bio:

Carina Wilson is an experienced writer at PixelGroovy who delivers engaging content on social media and digital marketing.Being skilled in SEO, she has helped many people rank their sites on Google.

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