Now, we Kids from the 90’s did not have the XBOX and the play-stations, but that does not mean we did not love games. We still were gaming freaks. And the games we played shall remain classics forever. No temple run, angry bird, call of duty will come close to the madness.



1. Mario

The plumber from the underworld on a mission to save his princess. Who can forget the background music. Ting ting ting ting ti ti ti…. pluck pluck pluck!!


2. Contra

The game that brought us closer for the first time to a FPS game.


3. Dangerous Dave

Remember level 7, where you have to die once to go through to the next level.


4. Duck Hunt

The expression on the Dog’s face when you miss is unforgettable.


5. Prince

The begining of the Prince of Persia saga, jumping and leaping over walls. A classic RPG.


6.  Road Rash

We only played it to use the Nitro Boost and Kick other bikers!!!


7. Wolfenstein

Press Space bar and open doors, find hidden treasures and escape from Hitler. Brings back the Nostalgia.



8.  Pacman

Hours and hours together were not enough to enjoy this game.

9. Midtown Madness

Microsoft released this racing simulation much before the NFS franchise. Although NFS was better but still Midtown Madness deserves a mention for the hours of madness and racing.

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