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KA-01 or Kannada album 01 (also called Kanasina album 01 with love) comes as a REVOLUTION in the Kannada Music Industry.


‘Nan Kannadiga’ is a super cool track and you will end up humming the tune even if you don’t know the lyrics.

The core team consisting of the very famous All OK & the team of Hip hop Kannadigaru, and boasts of a collaboration of 16 best independent artists to create a single massive album, a first of its kind in India.


Singer and Actor, Mr All-Ok, the one to have brought the team together, gushes enthusiasm and zeal every time he speaks about them, “With team effort , we can do wonders and KA01 is just one of the example of it. I am proud to have such a great team.”

[quote_center]Setting a new trend in Kannada industry- For Kannada Rap Music[/quote_center]
The core team (All OK & Martin Yo’s Hip hop Kannadigaru) decided to make an album including new artists in it. Almost all the tracks from KA 01 were recorded late at nights.


The fanfare for the album was such that before the team could launch their audio, they  had received 3,000+ pre-orders . In the world piracy and free downloads, I must say KA 01 has set a new trend of independent Album scene in India.


Listen to MC Bijju in this video. The fastest kannada rapper will surely blow your mind.

The album has introduced some really fresh sounds & some of the best independent artists the industry has to offer.


Our album is the result of filtering just 9 out of over 30 songs that were roughly composed initially & around 7 months of work put into it’, says DJ Lethal A of Hip hop kannadigaru


Whether you are non-kannadiga or want to proudly say nan-kannadiga, you will definitely enjoy their upcoming tracks Dejavu and 100%Entertainment.


Don’t forget to follow these guys… they are amazing and would love to have your support.


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