A chance meeting with Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil in a plush Mumbai hotel made me his Rakhi sister and the rest as they say, is “HISTORY”.

“Waiting For Godot”, it was and I was enacting “POZZO”! And I needed just that one big face to launch my theatre group “Applause… The theater people”. My rakhi brother rushed to my aide and in stepped the glamorous, lovely writer Shobha De to my rescue. I was excited, hopeful and ecstatic. I mean, who wouldn’t be? It was Shobha De after all. I had always looked up to her and she was on my wish list of “to do’s”. The play was a thunderous success and the “Applause” refused to die away even after many weeks. Literally! The news, pictures and Shobha De’s lovely comments about me and the play were trending locally. One such article was glanced upon by well known Tollywood director V.N.Aditya who was scouting for a female lead for his next directorial under the famous Suresh Productions banner,spearheaded by the Great Movie Moghul Dr.D.Ramanaidu.

As they say, all good things knock on your door all of a sudden, this knocking was something too unexpected. Yet again, two wish list items ticked off into one project (working with V.N.Aditya and also in a Suresh Productions Banner). Phewww!!!! My life was galloping ahead and before I knew it, one thing led to another and another film “Chandamama Kathalu” happened to me. This film bagging the Nation Award for the Best Telugu Film – 2015, even though I had a small part to play in it.

And now, many opportunities later, I am quenching my creative thirst by heading the Live Action division of Green Gold Animation (The Super Duper creators of CHHOTA BHEEM), where I write, conceptualise and CREATE!

LUCK existed around my wrist!

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