The rain poured down like all hell broke loose, crashing everywhere. The cloud went dark. I could smell the reapers around me like they have come to take me to another state of life, it was cold, very cold… I was alone, sitting quiet at the coffee shop, breaking my head over matters which never mattered in my life anymore and stressed me to a breakdown; those disastrous years I spent with the mob, the relationships that went to the wall, the good things which was long lost and buried. Loneliness was creeping over me like a mistletoe eating my energy away.

The numbness in my head grew strong, the coffee was complimenting the mental change by emitting aromas so close to my heart, it brought tears to my eyes. I held my mug strong, glanced around, thinking you never go unnoticed however encapsulated you are. I can sense eyes around me, as the rain touched me gently on an off as I sat on the table near the brim of the elevated coffee shop. The merciless wind was pulling at my dupatta and I found it hard to keep it in place. I started to grow more conscious about myself. I did not wish to be the eye candy for anyone, my state of mind had gone off tracks almost never to return. The perplexed look on my face just gathered more attention.

Suddenly out of nowhere I saw them, at the far end of the line I saw them again, those deep penetrating eyes like it would devour me if served. I never wanted to look again. I knew those eyes never moved away from me. The darkness around never gave me light to see who it was and I was trembling… I wanted to run away to some place far away, away from what I saw. Then again after a very long pause, I looked up, I saw the same eyes with a much subtle look, like they were concerned about me. How can a change come into them so soon? What am I even thinking? This is a strange land and I don’t want to be stranger than this. No one can be concerned about anyone. Everyone has their own baggage to claim, their own destination to ride to,who would show kindness to my soul? As it may sound creepy I do not know what was happening inside of me, something pulled me on more and more to glance up and see the eyes of the Beholder. This time it changed even more. Did I see it right? Love? Was it Love? Was it genuine? Why does my heart poke me hard to believe its so. How can it be?

Embracing the situation and considering it to be “him” I thought again, is it even near to possible that I meet someone who can be fierce and turn to be passionate in just a glare and a glance? I ached to see who it was, cursing the darkness around me, attacking my senses for being so far away in the line, abusing myself for not being near him, my heart skipped a beat and kicked me up to my feet. I shifted my focus to the last table one last time before I moved to him. I saw him… a gentle beast, he looked up at me with eyes so desirable that I almost lost balance went into trance to a forever strange land. From far I saw his jawline, sharp nose, carelessly made face and met those eyes again, it called out to me. I could feel him closing his hand on mine and tug me towards him. I closed my eyes never to leave the feeling of being so close yet so far and I walked towards the table still eyes shut and just doing my calculations. I finally stood at a point where I could reach out and touch him.
I opened my eyes to relish what i saw..and then no one was there..suddenly everything went blank…where is he?

I just saw him there where did he go?

How can this be happening?

Was I imagining?

NO HELL NO I saw him, I am sure.

I saw someone there…


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