Someone New

Nine months pine to finally lay on cliffs
Left hand on her waist gaits stiff
His ceremonial orchestra waits for the first cry
Days so many sleepless nights, two in her must’ve skipped
A flock of birds fly towards different skies with twigs.

Unbuttoned carelessness essentially careful about sonographic womb
Uncombed hair clasp hands of curiosity to ultrasound who ?
Every mirror wonders if her yesterdays be the same for tomorrow’s true
Today’s labour pain pants for someone new
Until their palpitations as percussion dissociates anew.

Vary soon rainbows on the hills’d clone crows into cranes
Telepathy and cellphones will also congratulate and suggest unique names
While she keeps an eye on her’s for a pair of newborn lids to open again
Enchants He smelling fresh petrichor for somewhere there it might’ve rained
Gods cannot be everywhere so her lap feels better than cradled heaven.

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