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    Do you see a writer in you? Or you want to keep a tab on your schedules and your presentations? Or you just want to quickly jot down a to-do list while running errands? Well you will definitely be enthralled upon experiencing Google Keep- Google’s new introduction to the list of Note Apps which are making news these days. Google released this new app in competition with the big names in Notes category, such as Evernote, Color note and Microsoft’s one note (which comes along with the package of MS office).

    Google keep is amazingly simple and basic and doesn’t come with complex features. It however does its job very effectively and its useful widgets easily act exactly the way a note app is expected to function. It is compact and not so heavy on your phone memory, so you can forget about those phone freezing moments which make you think twice before installing an app on your android phone.


    Google Keep makes all sorts of data entry possible. You can quickly capture what is on your mind by creating written notes, recording voice and taking pictures, all this in a single app. The app can be accessed on any platform where the Google Ecosystem is functional such as Google Chrome and Android. The look and feel of the app on both the ecosystems is very identical and all the data which is stored gets synced immediately.


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    Google Keep works very well with Google chrome and it can be installed from chrome browser’s web store, similar to installing an app in android. Google chrome facilitates using the apps offline, hence Google Keep can be used to work offline and when the system gets connected to the internet it successfully syncs all the data and can be used on Android, iPhone and Google Keep website.


    The one tiny new feature of the app which steals the show is the text grabbing feature. When you store an image with text or a document captured as an image in the app, it actually grabs the text from the given image very quickly and stores it as a note. Now that is something new isn’t it!!
    So the next time you have a brilliant idea and do not want to forget, quickly pen it down on Google’s new app. It lets you mark reminders, create grocery lists, identify image texts, store images, voice recordings, and all this in just one app (importantly made by the giant- Google), which can be synced and used on different platforms simultaneously.
    Infornicle gives the app a 4 star rating. We are withholding one star just on the pretext that it is not yet a full-fledged note app like the Evernote.

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