Here are the top 5 reason why you should use HiPi for creating and editing videos


HiPi was launched on ZEE5 app on 14 Aug 2020 while the stand alone HiPi app launched on 1 June 2021. This homegrown app features the latest trend from movies and shows with a very catchy new hashtag #dikhaoapnaswag. One of India’s most well-known streaming services, Zee5, has taken this initiative to help elevate various talents ranging from professional influencers to budding creators. HiPi, a short video sharing platform, is an alternative to the Chinese app Tik-Tok where anyone can make trending short videos or slow-motion videos and gain fame and followers.

We are sure that you are already eager to explore more of this short video platform, but there are so much more reasons to join HiPi and become a HiPi star today:

Unleash the star in you: Once you enter the HiPi universe, you can use the platform to unleash your talent based on the latest trends. So whether you’re into beauty, dance, challenges, cooking, or dancing, HiPi as a short video platform can make you a HiPi star by showcasing your #Entertainmentkibaarish. And what’s more? You can also follow and share media with influencers like Prince Narula, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Niti Taylor, Charlie Chauhan, and many more!

User-friendly interface: HiPi is designed in such a simple fashion that even your grandparents will love to make videos on this! Just create your profile and enjoy a variety of videos at the click of your fingers. The interface also comes with various stickers, emoticons, and songs to help you create the best videos based on your mood theme.

Free platform: Thanks to technology, networking has become a child’s play now. HiPi helps all kinds of creators to showcase their talent and have the courage to grow with the power of networking. With HiPi, anyone can turn their dreams into reality by receiving HiPilove from the Hipiz family. You can enjoy the HiPi as a short video platform with the same subscription as Zee5 and find the app under one of Zee5’s segments. So no pocket pinch and no hassle of downloading a separate app.

No Language Barrier: HiPi offers curated video feeds in 10+ languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam & more! Now, that’s real entertainment.

Unlimited Entertainment: One of its kind, the HiPi app provides videos from various categories to keep your spirits high. Sports, web series, vlogs, cooking, and dance videos are to name a few. Choose the trends you like and watch or create videos. Besides, the best thing about HiPi is that you don’t need to restrict your talent only to that platform. HiPi allows you to directly share videos with the world through other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

HiPi short video platform isn’t the first Tik-Tok-like app which is made in India. But what sets it apart is that it isn’t a separate app from Zee5, which means, HiPi will have access to Zee5’s monthly 8.5 crore active users. HiPi is an exciting platform which is both for viewers and creators? While creators will never fall short of inspiration, viewers will have no shortage of quality content. Zee5 is on a journey to create a nifty app, and HiPi is a big part.
So download the HiPi app today, create your profile and watch or create your favourite videos at the comfort of your home and share it with friends and family. Then, it’s your time to shine and join the HiPi community.

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