What Exactly Is Lasik Surgery?

    We all have been to the point where we are fed up or bored with our glasses or contact lenses. Losing contact lenses while partying hard or just sleeping with your glasses on only to wake up and find that they are bent can get annoying. This is where the possibility of Lasik surgery comes into play. 

    LASIK, which stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis is a type of refractive eye surgery. It is a popular form of laser eye treatments or vision correction surgery performed on people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or who have astigmatism. Laser vision correction surgery is a fairly new method where the first laser vision correction was performed in Germany in the late ’80s. Since then, there have been major advancements to not only improve the quality and results of the surgery but also use the technology for cataract and retinal treatment. 

    In the process of LASIK surgery, doctors work on reshaping your cornea, the clear front part of your eye, for light to focus on the retina in the back of your eye. LASIK is the most efficient refractive error correction surgery which can rectify -1D to -9D power in myopia patients and up to +4D in hypermetropia patients.

    With that being said, you must be wondering if the operation is time-consuming and painful? 

    Well, good news. The answer is no. LASIK surgeries only take about 20 minutes. Your surgeon will place numbing eye drops and may also give some medication for you to relax during the procedure. Even though the patient is awake during the surgery, it is painless. LASIK surgery results are amazing too. Even though post-operation the patient may feel a slight itching or burning sensation, it should brush off quickly. LASIK surgery achieves  20/25 vision or better with most patients obtaining good to excellent vision. You will be able to do your day to day chores without the worrying of dropping your lenses or breaking the glasses.

    However, the ideal age for getting LASIK surgery is between 21-35 years. Before 21, the refractive power of the eye could still be changing and after 40 years there may be additional issues due to ageing.

     Vision correction techniques like LASIK surgery are performed by only an expert team of doctors who can perform the surgery most skillfully. Thanks to new technologies like the German-made Zeiss ReLEx SMILE machines, the recovery is almost instant. LASIK surgery results are visible within 24 hours or less than the patient can jump on with daily life the very next day of operation. However, surgeons do recommend to take it easy and relax for a couple of days. 

    LASIK is a day-care surgery and patients that undergo laser vision correction are counselled pre and post-operation. This helps them to anticipate and analyze the outcome from the procedure opted for. 

    LASIK surgery is a hassle-free way of living life. Should you desire to learn more about the surgery, book an appointment with your doctor and then make a decision, and keep your eyes happy!

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