5 Must-have Ethnic Shoes for Men to Nail the Festive Look


As they say that every look is complete only with a pair of shoes; the same goes for an ethnic pair of shoes. No traditional attire will look complete if you do not style it with ethnic shoes for men. You can not try to replace your regular footwear even if you plan to buy ethnic shoes for men, as they have a certain charm that will bring together your whole look. So here is a list of Ethnic footwear you must watch out for this festive season. 


Kolhapuri: These are the classic ethnic shoes for men that can quickly go with any ethnic outfit you pick. These types of footwear are timeless pieces that look good with any outfit. The kolhapuri chappal is a dated story, but even today, each and every generation loves wearing them. Today they come in various colors and designs, but initially, they used to be made of tanned leather. 

Mojari: The mojari are old royal footwear worn by kings and knights. They suited particularly well with the type of attire these men had. So if you are going for a formal or fancy event and are planning to buy ethnic shoes for men, these are the perfect fit. In ancient times this footwear was bejeweled with crystals and was worn only by the Mughal kings and priests. 

Juti: The jutis are handcrafted ethnic shoes for men that are a comfortable fit for your everyday looks or any traditional look. This footwear became popularised in the 1960s and has been in trend. You will find the male jutis made of durable fabric such as leather or rexine, and the female jutis are made of fashionably designed cloth or velvet. You get such a wide variety when shopping for juttis as they are considered the standard footwear for wedding outfits

Pathani Shoes: These types of ethnic shoes for men are very popular because they add a royal touch to any outfit and are considered to be fashionable too. They are one of the most commonly worn formal ethnic shoes you will find in the market. They are locally resourced and available but over time this has been replaced by sustainable materials. These sandals are loved by all as they are perfect for any occasion and also go well with casual looks.

Moccasins: These moccasins are the type of footwear that is only worn with formal outside or for a formal setup. They blend perfectly well with any ethnic outfit you plan to style. However, you must also consider that it has charm, so they will uniquely imprint that on any look. These ethnic shoes for men are a perfect pick if you want to create a fusion look mixing the western and desi styling elements. 

With all these footwear varieties for ethnic shoes for men, you will never be out of options, no matter what type of look you want to style.  Another crucial thing you must remember is when you plan to buy these ethnic shoes for men, you must go for standard footwear brands as they will give you the best product.

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