It was a glorious morning in the home of Rhea & Karan, a brother and sister who belonged to a very rich family.
Rhea was her father’s loving daughter, and she was outgoing, simple & her hobby included reading, travelling & listening to music whereas Karan was his mother’s heartbeat & he was reserved and yet a very simple guy and he loved reading and playing piano.

They were very close to each other & shared their secrets. Their mother, Mrs. Ahuja was a home maker and an affectionate mother, who loved to spend her time with Rhea & Karan whereas their father Mr. Ahuja was an businessman running an expanded website development business and was a busy person.

Karan and Rhea, loved and respected their parents unconditionally, though Karan hated his father way too much as his father never gave his time to his mother or to his children due to his work. Rhea was pursuing her graduation from Delhi University in Humanities & Karan was persuing his Master’s in English Literature from Delhi University.

Karan spent half of his time with Rhea or his mother or by playing piano in his room. It was the day of college fest and Karan was part of the music band in a drama . Karan saw a girl who was pretty, having  long hair and who was playing the violin and was part of the music band.  Karan started liking her from the moment he saw her for the very first time .

After their drama finished, Karan approached her, greeted her and told her, “You played violin beautifully.”
She responded, “Thank You! You played the piano so amazingly. I saw someone for the first time that played it with so intense emotions. Can I know your name?”

Karan replied, “My pleasure & Thank you for appreciating me .I got this type of appreciation for the first time. Yeah sure, my name is Karan Ahuja. What is your name? What you are doing presently?”
She replied further in a splendid way, “My name is Kriya Arora. I’m persuing my Master’s in Economics from Delhi University itself”

Karan felt happy by her gesture and asked further, “Where do you live? What your Parents do?”
Kriya felt happier and said,” I live in Delhi itself. My dad has a business of Jewellery & my mom is a home maker”.

Karan replied, “Oh! That is very interesting. Can be we friends?”
Kriya smiled and said, “Yeah sure. Why not?.”

They both exchanged their contact numbers and said bye to each other.
On the same evening, when Karan reached home, he was very happy so he called both his mum and his sister to the living room, first he hugged both of them and then he told them about Kriya and his feelings to them. Upon hearing which, his mom kissed his forehead and appreciated him and Rhea shouted in a happily manner and hugged him.

After that evening, Karan & Kriya started spending their leisure time together in either cafes or university campus. After several months, Karan approached Kriya and in a shy manner told his feeling to her, proposed her by saying, “Kriya, you are the very first girl with whom I feel complete. And I want to spend each and every second of my life with you and I have fallen in love with you Kriya. I love you very much and will take care of you every second. Do you love me? Will you accept me as your Partner?”

Kriya replied with smile on her face, “I love you too Karan. You are the first guy in my life with whom I feel complete as well and you are the only guy whom I can trust for everything. Yes I accept you as my love and as my partner.”
Then Karan embraced her in his arms and kissed her forehead as a promise to be with her until his last breath.

When Karan reached home, his father met him in the living room and greeted him and asked about his day in college and his life to which Karan replied rudely, “I’m good and my day at college was awesome. I can take care of myself on my own now”.

After saying this, he went to his room & started playing the piano. Though, Mr. Ahuja was sitting along with his wife and was blaming himself for everything and cried in front of his wife, Mrs. Ahuja told him, “Honey! Be calm, everything will be all right.” And further told him “Honey spend try to spend some time with Karan”

To which Mr. Ahuja responded,” Okay! I’ll try to spend some time with him”
Rhea was listening to the conversation and cried from outside and made herself determined to end this hatred relationship between her brother and herfather. Next day was a sunday, so Karan decided to take Rhea to some café so that she can meet Kriya.

He went to Rhea’s room and asked, “Rhea! Are you free today?”
Rhea replied, “Yes brother. I’m free today. Is there anything that I could help you with?”
Karan told her, “Get ready. I’m waiting for you downstairs in the car. We are going to meet Kriya today at a café.”

Rhea thought that she would talk to Karan regarding their father and said, “Okay brother. I’ll be there in a few minutes”.

Karan left and went to inform his mother about the day & then took his car keys and went to the garage & started his car. He reached the front gate of their door where Rhea was waiting.
Rhea sat beside her brother and he started to drive, on the way she asked her brother, “Why you hate daddy so much?”
Karan replied in a sad manner, “Rhea I don’t hate him. I love him very much but you are aware of the fact that he never gave us time & also was never interested in knowing our lives . Thats the reason I get aggressive when I see him”.

Rhea told him, “Brother it is good to know that you love him, you’re right that he didn’t gave us time much as he was doing busy working so that he can give our mom and a happy life and to educate us in good schools and college.”

And Rhea further requested her brother, “Please spend some time with him as I know daddy misses you very much and you both have desires in your heart to talk to each other.”

Karan stopped car & replied further, “Okay Rhea! I will. Now let us go inside the café she must be waiting for us.”

They reached inside the café and Karan saw Kriya, greeted her and sat along with her. Karan introduced both of them and left to order a coffee for all of them.

Rhea greeted Kriya and said, “Hello Kriya. How are you? “

Kriya smilingly replied, “Hello Rhea. I’m good. How are you?”

Rhea smiled and responded, “I’m good too.”

Kriya replied, “You are pretty and your smile is good.” Rhea was happy and said , “Thank you Miss Kriya. Even you are very pretty too.”

Kriya thanked her and they were talking about their hobbies and interests together and suddenly Rhea asked, “Will you like to meet our family?”

Kriya replied, “Yes off course. I would love to.”

Rhea asked, “Will you home come with us today?”

Kriya was excited and said, “Yeah sure!

Rhea said, “Okay sure. Lets go home and have lunch together.”

Karan came back to the table along with coffee and fries in his hand and sat next to Kriya. Rhea asked karan “Can we take Kriya home for lunch?”

Karan was surprised and replied, “Yes sure .We can ask Kriya if she is ok with it.”

Rhea told him,” Brother she is ready to come with us for lunch.”

Karan told Rhea to inform mom about them going home for lunch,
Rhea called her mother, she asked, “Mom can we bring Kriya  to our home for lunch?”

Mrs. Ahuja replied, “Yeah sure Rhea, you can as I and your dad are waiting to meet her.”

Rhea replied, “Okay mom Thank you. I love you.” And Rhea disconnected the call, she informed Karan the same.

They finished their coffee, left for their home,
On the way back home, they were talking and asking about each other’s lives and Rhea told her about her Parents and asked Kriya about her family.

To which Kriya said, “My dad is presently in USA for some work and my Mom is a home maker. I am the only daughter of my Parents.”

Rhea asked kriya “When Karan & I will have a chance to meet your family?”

Kriya replied,” As soon as my dad gets back home.”

Rhea happily said, “Wow! That’s great. Karan bhaiya & I will be glad to meet your family.”

They reached home; Mrs. Ahuja was waiting for them along with her husband. They got out of the car and Kriya greeted Karan’s parents.
Rhea took her mom and Kriya to the kitchen to have some private time together while serving lunch on the table leaving Karan and his father in a living room.

Mr. Ahuja liked Kriya and asked karan, “Son, Do you love her?”

Karan replied in a generous way, “Yes Dad. I love her and I want to marry her.”

Mr. Ahuja felt thoughtful, so further said, “Son. You’ve my permission to marry her.”

Karan for the first time smiled in front of his dad and apologized for the rude behavior that he did in the past. In return, his father hugged him and said, “Son I love you . I have yours and your sisters pictures with me in my laptop and your mother’s too as I love her a lot and as she has given me two beautiful children but I’m very sorry that I haven’t gave you much time.”

Karan replied, “Dad I’m sorry too that I always thought about you in a wrong way.”

Suddenly, Rhea came in the living room and hugged her father first and then whispered in Karan’s ears,” See I told you “.

Mrs. Ahuja was standing next to Kriya and Mrs. Ahuja started to cry and told Kriya that Karan & his father regained their relationship after a very long time.

Tthey had lunch together and after lunch,
Mr. Ahuja asked kriya, “Will you marry my son?”

Kriya shyly replied, “Yes Uncle I will.”

Rhea hugged Kriya and Karan’s parents gave their blessings to Kriya. And Karan asked Kriya if he could drop her home.

Kriya agreed and they both left for her home. On the way, Kriya told her plans about marriage and she told Karan that she will going to have the best husband in the world.  Karan came back home after dropping Kriya. They all celebrated the new relationship of Karan and his father along with the celebrations of Karan’s girlfriend willing to marry him.

After a month on 9th April 2014, Karan and Kriya completed their Master’s and on the same day, Karan’s family met Kriya’s family for the first time and they felt happy spending time with each other.

Kriya’s parents liked Karan and his family . On the same evening, Kriya’s parents met Karan’s parents and invited them to dinner along with Rhea & Karan. They gladly accepted the invitation.

Karan drove his family to Kriya’s home. On the way , everybody was teasing Him  and all he did was blush.

When they reached Kriya’s home, Mr. & Mrs. Arora greeted them on the door and took them to the living room where they sat and Kriya served them coffee. Suddenly, Mr. Arora asked Karan to propose Kriya in front of them and Rhea was also insisting the same on Karan.

Karan called Kriya in the middle of the living room, bent on his knees and said

“Hey beautiful
Since the time
You came into my life
My life took a beautiful turn
My heart felt complete
Filled with love
For you and only you
I promise to take care
And respect you until
I’m alive and though
I’ll never ever going to
make you cry ,your my heartbeat

Will you marry me, my beautiful?” And he opened the box in which he had a beautiful platinum ring with her name on it.

Kriya was shy and blushed and replied, “Yes I’ll marry you.”

Karan made her wear the ring and hugged her and everybody applauded and celebrated their ring ceremony by having sweets and dinner together.
After dinner, Rhea hugged Kriya and congratulated her.
They got married on 11th of August 2014 and both were living happily with Karan’s family and Karan started spending time with his father and joined the family business.

Now, Kriya gave birth to a daughter whom they named “Krina” .

Rhea also graduated and now she is heading to New York for her further studies.

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