The return of THE JEDI(me) marks a much talked about reality of REALITIES.Sometimes I think about slipping down the ladder to the wonderland Alice once stumbled upon.All these years being a voracious reader never made me ever go for “learn before you make your DAMN mistakes”,stereotypical books, I always enjoyed rather blew trumpets imagining situations and analytically solving whats next… turn pages finally feel content about a story which in reality is just a cause to be happy.Now i know why authors live in their own Realm I cannot imagine about seeing the world through my live eyes anymore,It is all about killing the fittest and survival of the worst.Hence I prefer to live in my magical dome of FOREVER EVER AFTER.Every day has something idiotic out there.. no no DISTURBING is the word I reckon

The daily dose of flaming tea and newspaper scenario changed to just tea and I am happy with it scenario.What good do you see on the front page?Sicko stories about Power,Greed,Abuse?Well well well some positivism to start a day of 9 hrs in some god forbidden air conditioned high tower, surrounded by monsterous machines and yes eye popped people..PUNKS.Yes Men and Women and rest of the pompous world Reality Sucks,Bites and Rapes doesn’t it?

Let me move to the pavement for a moment,the greater mass do you even care?What are your interests?The unwanted stupidity ruled debates?The worthless political drama?Denial of rights?Unattended Common man’s trauma?What is it that really kicks you up?Media disrupts my thought process and makes it think like a killing machine, it gives me cramps so definitive that i can drain blood out of their severed arteries and rejoice and drink to it.There are lakhs of issues that needs the spotlight,but look at us pathetic homo-sapiens we still stress and re-live the dirt.DEMOCRACY it seems,the greatest democracy of all.. Shameful,Pity on every law that exist, the sinful constitution and rights,the should be discarded Amendments and Acts.Why do we need all these when nothing supports the common man and everything just favors treachery?

I would never say “lets stand up break the silence and fight blah and blah” I know about communities which form a reason and they power down with fluctuation somewhere in between never to return back,an awful sight of human mental incompetence Grace it!! what I feel the best is,you put double locks on your windows and doors and chain yourself to a metal cage and feel you are safe ,you do not need to be in the sun facing the tough factors nor raising your voice for any kind of justice,Let it be!!Would you ever be safe? NO!! wondered why?Well, then keep wondering maybe you might just have an answer right before your useless life ends up in hell!! BAFFLED??

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