Just few days remain for the release of the movie in which Iron Man takes on Captain America and many heroes of the Marvel Universe are forced to select sides and here is the glimpse of the two sides.

Team Iron Man

team iron-man
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Black Widow: Even tho she was saved by Captain America when she was brainwashed to serve the ninja clan – The Hand, she chose the side of the Iron Man. Looks like something has changed now.

War Machine: Being a close and an old friend of Tony Stark, it does not surprise him taking side with his buddy.

Black Panther: Takes the side of Iron Man because he thinks the Winter Soldier was responsible for the bombing that killed his family.

The Vision: The Vision has a wealth of experience from his consciousness J.A.R.V.I.S. and since Tony Stark was his maker it would be his natural choice to side with the Iron Man

Spider-Man: Since Peter Parker was a science student, he sees Iron Man as his role model and decided to join his side?????

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Team Captain America

team captain-america
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Sharon Carter/Agent 13: Being the girlfriend of Captain America she is going to take his side.

Hawkeye : The split between hawkeye and Black Widow made him take side of the Team Captain America.

Falcon: The Falcon and Captain America have been fighting alongside each other for a while and he being the closet ally of the Captain, he is gonna side with the Captain.

Winter Soldier: He being the side kick of the Captain and also his childhood buddy, he wouldnt side with the Iron Man though.

Scarlet Witch: The daughter of the X-Men Villian Magento choose to take side with Captain as she hates anything related to the Stark Industries.

Ant-Man: Seems like he doesnt agree upon Iron Man’s ideology and he chose the Captain’s side.

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