Its always between the mind and the heart for us silly humans in the end. So, there I was resolving my conflict within and losing it day after day marinating myself in her ignorance. Just as I had gifted myself two salt pimples right below my cheek. If anyone looked at me, it felt like tear drops were rolling down my cheeks. I had lost it completely. I was about to take a plunge in the uncertainty. I didn’t blame her at all, it was all my misdeeds that has started to pile up on my shoulders. And, frankly I couldn’t take the burden at all. It was either confronting her or letting go off my inhibitions or live with the fact that it never would have been resolved. I sported a smile and walked around and ignored her as far as I could do. Turned around when she walked in front of me. Turned around my eyes when I was caught staring at her. Miraculously, I found her wherever I went. MARINARA was all over my hormones, and she was controlling it like a king rules his kingdom.

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And one day, out of nowhere I decided to try something. I decided to pass back a smile. I walked in the corridor where I knew she would be soon. Waited and waited, till she walked through the door. She smiled at me, one of those smiles that said. “Such a coward you are..”. I just smiled back precariously and in the moment banged into the door on my right. Ouch! It hurt, not the door bang but something else. I felt my inhibitions breaking. I was on cloud ninety nine.

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Next day, she hadn’t come. I tried to inquire, the restless stalker that I am. I was strip-laden in a zone between my voluptuous feelings and the fact that she was already with someone. I had planned to let her go from my mind, but circumstances didn’t help. I went near her chair and looked around, asked everyone. She was nowhere to be seen. I just decided to bring her in my friendly conversations with friends. And no one really knew what I was talking about.

Everyone had the same question on their mind.

“Who Marinara?”

I was perturbed, no one knew about her whereabouts. I told my confidante that I had been messaging this girl, stalking her like a mad dog, I had fallen for her.

He gently asked. “Who Marinara? Who is she?”

I trembled with fear and ran out of the office towards the terrace. I recollected every single moment that happened in the last few weeks. No one even knew her, no one even knew she existed.

My friend patted me from the back, smiled and hugged me.

“There was never any Marinara.” You must be hallucinating.

I scratched my hair and kicked the floor. I went back to her chair. It had been empty from the past two months.

There was never any MARINARA.



To be continued….

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