Guess Who The Most Followed Leader on Instagram Is?

Last week’s IPL-

Bangalore lost against Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians. Seems like Bangalore will be first to make its exit.

Kolkata won against Punjab and Hyderabad, Pune lost to Gujarat Lions and Mumbai won against hyderabad. Find the entire schedule here

First the chemical attack and now suicide bombing.

Why God aren’t you listening to the millions who pray for peace every single day.  *Doubts Gods existence* A man driving in car detonated bomb around buses for the evacuated Syrians and killed at least 43 people on Saturday

With everyone involved in the murders, its hard to guess who the actual terrorist is.

Mother of All Bombs

US dropped the Mother of All bombs (actually called Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb) on ISIS in Afghanistan. And Trump added the success of killing 94 ISIS operatives to his kitty.

Again, its hard to guess who the actual terrorist is.


People may soon be moving to Canada

Canadian PM introduced legislation to legalise the recreational use of Marijuana. Anyone in the mood to relocate to Canada?

The US Secretary of Homeland Security has a tip for Canadians travelling into US: “Check those pockets one more time”


What have we been talking about
Trending tweets of the week
Petrol, diesel prices to change every day from May 1

This is to be in sync with international rates, much like what happens in most advanced markets.

Another Market to follow after stocks (later extended to booze).

No one seems to be keen on implementing the name guguram… sorry gurugram as gurgaon even after a year.

It’s a no-brainer! Really

Kulbhushan Jadhav (Indian RAW agent in Pakistan)

has been given death sentence by Pak and that’s been another point of conflict between the two nations.

PM Modi most followed world leader on Instagram

So obvious. He is the best leader around.

As a vengeance for her loss to Sindhu in the India Open, Marin defeated her in the quarters of Singapore open.

Don’t worry Sindhu, you will get back your turn to defeat her.

Photo of the day:
Taste of tibet bangalore near brigade road tibetian plaza best tibet food
Taste of Tibet in Tibetian Plaza off Brigade road is one of Bangalore’s favorite lunch places
Cow Slaughter Ban

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