Why Story Telling Is The Way To A Good Marketing Strategy

Why Storytelling Is The Way To A Good Marketing Strategy


There was something about her that tugged at my heart- the doleful eyes. The way they glanced up at me as I walked by. “Flowers for you Ma’am”, she said… Almost beseeching, if not begging. 

I just shook my head and was prepared to walk away when she caught my hand and said in the local language, “Akka.. will u listen to my story?” 

I was skeptical at first, but then I gave in to her soft eyes.

“Before you came, there was a man standing by the pavement there”, she said pointing with her tiny finger. “He was wearing a black leather jacket and looked tensed and morose. For a while I did not approach him as he seemed like someone who was not in the mood to buy flowers. But you see, my mother just delivered my baby brother and we are really in need of the money which I would get selling these flowers. 

“Okay, so here’s the sales pitch”, I thought.

She continued, “So I went and approached him to buy some flowers so he can give them to the person he was waiting for. From my experience I knew it would be a girl. When he looked at me, I thought he would burst into tears. He then spoke to me at length about how his girlfriend had left him and today was his birthday and he had requested her to meet him at the spot, to patch up. She hadn’t turned up yet and he was afraid she would not.” she said and paused briefly before continuing. “I decided he needed his space and spoke a few reassuring words and was just walking away when he called me and bought a rose. I guess he wanted to hold on to the hope.”

“Oh!” that was what I could barely mutter.

“And guess what happened next”, she went on.

“What?” I asked, curiosity getting the better of me. 

“As he turned back with the rose, he saw his girlfriend standing behind him with a big smile. They later hugged and patched up.”

Well… that was a good story, I thought. 

“Are you looking for someone too?” she asked innocently. 

I gave her a long hard look…. “What the hell, gimme the rose!” I said and walked away with a bunch.

“My home was looking pretty drab anyway, I think this was a good purchase. It is going to brighten up my day and mood”, I thought on my way. 

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There are a few points you can observe from the story: 

  1. There may not be real quantitative benefits from the product.
  2. Any benefits were unrealised.
  3. One almost always has extra bucks to spend.
  4. Most of our decisions are subconscious.
  5. We try to create logical reasons to support our subconscious decisions.

What did the girl do differently to make me buy her product?

1. She put effort in convincing me:

The attention she gave me was flattering. We are all looking for how much a person can do for us within their space.

2. The story touched my heart:

For a while I was into the story. It took me into a different world that allowed me to escape the real one. It touched my heart and engaged my mind. It made me want to buy it too.

3. She made the product easily identifiable:

It was definitely going to have a higher recall value in my mind. I would always think of buying roses from this girl if the need ever arose.

4. There was a brand story:

I was willing to believe the story and the assumption that the rose had the power to offer some sort of hope.

5. It seemed like a fad:

Other people were buying it. Maybe it was good then. She made me believe that there were others who were buying from her and benefiting. 

So, If you’re a marketer looking for advice on marketing strategy, I’ve just told you what needs to be done in the form of an easily readable story. What do you think? Let me know. 


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