Raspberry Pi 3 b

What is Raspberry Pi 3 B?

For people who don’t know about Raspberry Pi, here is an introduction. Last leap year, that is on 29th Feb 2012, a ground breaking product and device was released by the Raspberry Pi foundation called… (no points for guessing) Raspberry Pi. It is a tiny credit card sized computer which finds its applications in innumerable industries like education, applications etc.

After its first launch in 2012, it was distributed in over 113 countries. Raspberry Pi 3 b is released after four years again on 29th Feb 2016 (So its Pi’s first birthday no?).

So how is it different from the Raspberry Pi 2 b that was released over a year ago?

Pi 3 differs in its processing performance. It has increased from 900MHz to 1.2GHz and has a 10 fold increase in performance compared to the Pi 1. It’s most interesting feature is the Bluetooth LE support and also boasts about windows 10 IoT Core support. Wifi connectivity on Pi3 brings wireless internet to IoT apps. Combining Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 3 allows you to build high speed closed loop feedback control system.

raspberry pi 3 b vs raspberry pi 2 b
Raspberry pi 3 b vs Raspberry pi 2 b
Raspberry Pi Accessories:

Pi CameraSense HAT and the recently launched 7inch touchscreen pi display.

Another accessory PiFace connects the physical things to IOT from easy to connect terminals. It is perfect for prototyping and its robustness and reliability makes it a component of a wide range of products.

What makes it so attractive?
Techies can benefit from the new functionality provided by Broadcom 2837 a Quadcore processor offering 1.2GHz and onboard wireless capabilities. It’s price too is one of the attractive feature, at just 3000Rs (same as its predecessor). Raspberry Pi is the most successful single board computer due to its affordability, versatility and compatibility.
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