It’s been a while since Microsoft has launched windows 10 developers preview, the developers community is pretty happy with what Microsoft has done with the legendary OS. The clean user interface with Integration of Metro UI, was a disappointment when they launched windows 8 and the enhanced version windows 8.1.

With Windows 10 Microsoft has managed to keep both the metro UI and the user experience to the best level possible. We have been using and testing the new operating system and it hasn’t disappointed us for now, but in fact it has impressed us with the new notification bar which they updated in the recent update. It actually tries to combine the user experience of the phone and the PC together.

For sure the new operating system requires better hardware specification to work smoothly but when tested on older PCs, it didn’t show much of a glitch even after we tested it for two months. Not to forget this is the basic developer’s version for testing and running the compatible apps. The reality show will be only after the full version launch in February of 2015.

It’s been a history for Microsoft to disappoint the user every time they launch a new operating system and altering it the next time to give mind blowing user experience, that’s been experienced in the past with Windows NT and Vista which were enhanced amazingly to give the users the best UI experience.

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In Windows 10, the most beautiful part is the start menu which is better than ever with the tiles UI combined of the print version. The apps that are being supported on windows mobile and tablet platform works comfortably on Windows 10. So yes! You can play all those mobile enabled games over PC as you used to play with the tab and phones. But there is a small glitch, it’s difficult to play most of the games because of the lack of touch enabled screen on most of the affordable PCs.

Microsoft is planning to introduce Carotene, which is a voice enabled service which are in direct competition with Google’s Voice found in most of the Android devices and Apple’s Siri.

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Integration of Xbox apps on the PC isn’t finding any purpose to serve, but It would be good to see how well the company combines the Xbox features with the PC version as they have Xbox apps installed on most of the cross platforms available.

Microsoft has given a virtual desktop option on the bottom right side which is one of the best feature Microsoft has shipped with windows 10.


Note: – This is the developers preview as mentioned in the term and condition Microsoft has installed a key logger which would send all the data to Microsoft for enhancing the performance of the operating system. It’s risky to use windows 10 on your primary PC as it has lots of bugs and you might lose your important data.

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