15 Reasons Why Once You’ve Lived In Bangalore You Will Not Like Another City

    1. After being accustomed to people in bangalore, you will find all other cities extremely hostile.
    angry mob Image: vegalleries


    2. The panoramic views of bangalore city after the Rains.
    rainbow Image: facebook


    And sitting in your balcony and munching on hot pakodas is a luxury, only few can enjoy.
    Pakoda Image: ayeshahaq


    3. Brewed Beer cafe’s in every locality.

    breweries Image: cntraveller

    And once you drink brewed beer in bangalore, you cannot go back to drinking just any other beer.

    brewed beer Image: Rahul

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    4. Beautiful cool climate. It’s vacation time throughout the year.

    cubbon-park Image: veganbengaluru


    5.You cannot find a weirder weather anywhere else. Perfectly sunny weather changes to heavy downpour and back to being sunny in just two minutes.
    clouds Image: flickr
    Not to forget, if it rains in one street it doesnt rain in the other 😉


    6. MTR. The idlis n masala dosas. Mouth watering!

    masala dosa Image: thehindu

    Also a hub for multiple cuisines like Irish, Japanese, Mexican, Vietnamese, American, East European, American… You just name it, we have everything here.

    multi-cuisine-sunday-buffet Image: buzzintown

    7.Incredible Bus Service

    bmtc_bus_vajra_bigImage: Better India

    BMTC has the highest number of Volvo buses than any other public transport company in India.

    8. Bangalore Airport with its beautiful infrastructure and people serves as a nice hang out after a long drive.

    bangalore airport Image: dnaindia
    Also a destination for a long drive at night or over the weekend.

    9. Bangalore fashion week. 

    bangalore fashion week Image: indianexpress
    You have to agree bangaloreans have got style. We make our own style statement and you can never get enough of looking at the girls here.


    10. Romantic lakes and parks spanned across the city.
    ulsoor lake Image: indiatravels

    11. If you are looking for a smart and intelligent man you are sure to find one in a Bangalore man. The city is full of techies.

    techie Image: businessinsider

    12. People speak all languages. Unity in Diversity is definitely our motto.

    multiculture Image: danielcphillips.files
    Very easy to communicate with people in bangalore , at times even a vegetable vendor can talk in English

    13. Picturesque locales around the city for a weekend getaway.

    jog falls Jog Falls. Image by Rahul

    Many weekend getaways close by – shivanasamudra, Hogenakal waterfalls, talakad …Just to name a few

    14. Career wise best place to settle. There is a job for everyone here.

    Bangalore is the IT capital of the country but yet we have a job to meet everyone’s requirement.


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    15. Friends and memories you make here are sure to last you forever.


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    1. Excellent post I was missing something after leaving in Bangalore for 3 years and now came back to native now I discovered what’s the reason

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