It’s An I For An I World Now

    North Korea launched a test missile at US. Wuuuuuut!!!! You messed with the wrong people, Mate!


    -So last week China launched  Long March 5 rocket. But after a successful take off it suffered an abnormality during the flight and failed. What this means to India? Well… it means we have a chance now to beat China in the Space rankings. Woo hooo… only if we can cinch the opportunity. One country’s loss is another’s gain!

    -It’s an I for I. Did you mean eye for eye. No it is I for I. India for Israel or vice versa. That’s how Mr Modi termed the India Israel tie after the epic Israel travel.

    -Boom Boom Pow! North Korea on Tuesday test launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that some experts believe has the range to reach Alaska and Hawaii. Trump says he has something pretty severe up his sleeve for the dangerous N Korea. NK is like that one kid who’s gone bad in the family.



    -India is at the top of domestic air travel growth charts with a growth of about 17.7%. Followed closely by China at 16.8%.

    -So Modi and Xi, ie. PMs of India and China faced each other at BRICS. Eye for an Eye could have worked well here. But looks like they are maintaining their diplomacy by praising each other, yet calling off any bilateral talks.

    -In the meantime, Rahul Gandhi wants to stay in news by slandering Modi on twitter & his speeches. He has been calling him weak for not raising H1B visa issue and his silence on China. You have a long way to go boy. Keep at it!

    -CBI Raided Lalu Prasad Yadav’s home. Investigation was regarding irregularities in privatisation of two Indian Railway hotels during the time he was the Railway Minister. He’ll probably be railed off behind bars.




    -Cricket isn’t interesting anymore. What with the new TV series – Inside Edge coming up which reveals all the private inside stories of the very public game. Watch Inside Edge on Amazon prime video.

    -Anyway, India won the five-match ODI series with WIndies 3-1. Today is their single T20 match where India are again looking to finish em off. Starts at 9 pm today.

    -HWL Semis- India, played to a 0-0 draw with South Africa and will now face US on July 10.

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