THE NEWSCRAPER ( 21st may to 27th May

Rapes In the Capital Continue, And So Does The Cricket & Mass Murders

Mumbai Indians won in a shocking victory which must have come as a blow to any of the gambler betting big bucks on Pune which was all set for a sure shot victory. Difference between Puppet Show and IPL narrows. 



German luxury car maker Audi has slashed prices of its models in India by up to Rs 10 lacs after its German rival Mercedes Benz announced slashing of prices of its vehicles produced in India by up to Rs 7 lakh to pass. Well… What’s the point? Petrol/diesel vehicles are soon to become obsolete.


Masked militants riding in SUVs opened fire on a bus packed with Christians, in Egypt, killing at least 28 people and wounding 22. Is this supposed to be an offering before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan?


Zika Virus caused by Aedes mosquitoes has reached India, Ahmedabad. Three cases are reported already. Watch out!


Rajini asked fan to be prepared for war as he is planning to announce a political party in July. The Thamizhar Munetra Padai (TMP) protested againts Rajinikanth entering in TN politics, saying he is an immigrant from neighboring state. What is TN worried about? Cauvery water being rightfully directed to it’s destination?


Major Leetul Gogoi was awarded by the Indian army for his efforts to calm a mob in J & K at a poll booth. While more than 1200 people were busy pelting stones, the Army officer decided to catch hold of the ring leader of the mob and tie him to a jeep, post which the stone pelting had stopped. This saved the army from using their rifles and in turn firing at the troublemakers. Smart solutions being awarded instead of condemned. Things must really changing for the better!


Tejas Express the ultra luxury train from Mumbai to Goa was launched on monday from Chatrapati shivaji terminal and came back on tuesday with heavy damages. Capable of running at the speed of 200 kmph, the Tejas Express has several unique features such as automatic doors, 9-inch infotainment screens for each seat, tea-coffee vending machines, vacuum bio-toilets, touch-free water taps in toilet and secured gangway. But then we went ahead and vandalised it. The infotainment screens were broken and scratched, the headphones stolen. God! do we even deserve luxury?


Spicejet was offering tickets at as low as Rs 12 on its 12th anniversary. Otherwise too, the prices of economy class is supposed to come down from July 1st. while the cost of the business class tickets to go up.


Four women gangraped and a man was shot and killed in the Yamuna expressway.

Sensex, Nifty reached all-time highs

CBSE class 12 results to be announced today.

WHAT INDIANS HAVE BEEN TWEETING ABOUTManchester Suicide Bomber Salman Abedi's Sachin a billion dreams tweet trends

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IPL- Mumbai Indians won by a single run against rising pune supergiants. At one point Pune had needed just 7 runs off 5 balls with 7 wickets in hand. How they lost it all is a wonder, if anything else.


Champions trophy begins by 2nd June
4th of June- The Newscraper will be in Video. Watch this to know more…
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