20 Epic Movie Soundtracks to die for!!! Feat. Indian Game of thrones


Have you ever imagined a movie without a soundtrack!!! It would be too boring, wouldn’t it? there are some soundtracks that remain with us even after the movie finishes. Here are some of the most epic soundtracks that have amazed our ears!!!


1. Rocky

Sylvester Stallone running on the beach and the the strumming of guitars accompanied with American Drums. Picture and Sound perfect!!


2. Furious 7

Something that helps you get into an adrenaline rush .



3. Inception

Its something what you define as soul stirring. It reaches inside you and pricks your every fragment of memory. Hans Zimmer at his best.



4. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

One of the best Clint Eastwood Movies accompanied by Ennio Morricone

5. Pirates of Caribbean

What everyone observes is how awesome Johnny Depp is in the movie!!! A very few people feel the background music that binds the movie together. A perfect blend of violins and Caribbean percussion!!!


6. A Fistfull Of Dollars

Clint Eastwood (The man with no name) and Ennio Morricone Soundtrack a perfect combination.



7. Requiem for a Dream

The most epic soundtrack ever. People often confuse it with the soundtrack for the Lord of the rings but in fact it is not!!!! A masterpiece which has been used by gaming freaks worldwide to create montages.



8. Indiana Jones

How can you forget Indie? The soundtrack from the eighties that still lingers in everyone’s mind. Orchestra at its best!!!


9. Gladiator

One of the epic movies till date starring Russell Crowe and soundtrack by none other than Hans Zimmer And Lisa Gerrard

10. Into The Wild

Ever wanted to wonder off alone on an epic journey? Based on a true story of Christopher McCandless. And the music by none other than Eddie Vedder (Lead Vocalist of Pearl Jam)

11. Pacific Rim

Huge Monsters, huge human bots and even more huge array of instruments used by Ramin Djawadi


12. Interstellar

An amazing movie and an even amazing score by Hans Zimmer. It gives just the right feel to this space adventure epic!!!! Minimal violins and yet the impact is loud


13. Krrish

Indians are not behind in this department as well. Take Krrish for instance, an awesome violin arrays combined with african drums and congos. Kudos to Rajesh Roshan!!!



14. Rush

Another classic by Hans Zimmer. Captures the greatest rivalry in sporting history accurately!!!



15. Man of Steel

Remember the scene where Superman flies for the time and the epic background score!!! It was Hans Zimmer Once again.


16. Speed

The movie that defined the modern chase sequence score. one of the best background scores you will experience. nerve wrenching and hair raising.





17. Lion King

An epic animation Movie and an even more epic background score


18. Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, Anne Hathway and Joseph Levitt gave you the most striking movie of the century. Hans Zimmer gave you the most striking background score



19. Mortal Kombat

Remember this soundtrack from the nineties???


20. The Ecstacy of Gold

Client Eastwood Movies & Ennio Morricone Music – The Best Combination till date.

Now if you ask anyone which is the best soundtrack of all times, it will not be from a movie. Most of them would probably say Game of Thrones!!! Its addictive and it stays in your mind. Again a masterpiece by Ramin Djawadi. We bring you different versions of the same sound track!!!


The original one !!!!



The Indian mix

The Dubstep Mix


The Acoustic Version


And the most epic one!!!!!



And we are still not done!!!

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