Recently, Instagram launched a new feature, Instagram reels, which allows users to create 15-seconds videos with filters, music, and other effects. Reels are a counterpart to TikTok, with many more features that make it more potent. The number of tools to create videos is increasing day by day, and sometimes people might be in a dilemma as to which tool will suit their needs best. Both individuals and creators must arrive at a clear decision before starting to use tools for video creation. 

However, videos rich in creativity get into many eyeballs. Reels, being launched recently, there is still not much competition at the present moment. Implementing a clear strategy to create reels can help achieve new heights on Instagram immediately.  Here are some creative content ideas to create appealing Instagram reels.

Behind The Scenes


Content creators take several shots all at once with an intent to arrive at perfection. But still, this might not work at times. This method consumes more time but might not get you results within the stipulated time. 

Art/ Craft Making

Some quick videos like origami, slime, sketching, and slime can calm the minds of people who view it, and no wonder if they keep watching it several times. It is enjoyable and exciting to create such videos within 15 seconds. All you need to do is appropriately plan how to incorporate creativity in the videos.


Everyone now wants to look fashionable and style in look. Video content related to fashion can capture the eyes of millions of people. Reels are a treasure for fashion models, celebrities, Influencers, and fashion brands. Videos recreated by wearing new attire and accessories help to get Instagram reels likes within a short duration. Other ideas to create fashion reels are to recreate celebrity looks, television characters, and so on. Here is an Instagram reel of Alexandra, a fashion model that received plenty of likes and shares.

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Repurpose existing content

After creating reels, you may post the same reel to different social media platforms, which drives more engagement making it stay viral much longer. Sharing teasers of short films and reposting your youtube videos to your reels are excellent ideas to make those specific videos more famous. Such content triggers the curiosity in users’ minds and creates an urge to watch the full video clip. Hence you get overall engagement for both your content and your profile. Cross-promotion is the key to gain and establish a sustained social media presence. Reusing videos posted to TikTok is an excellent idea to earn millions of views on both platforms


Hosting challenges is the most happening thing on all social media platforms. Challenges involve recreating the act of another person. People love performing and watching challenges. Dance challenges, workout challenges, recipe challenges, etc. are viral on TikTok and won’t be an exception for reels. Guess the Gibberish, Hand Gesture Challenge. Fun dance challenges are good examples for posting to reels. Why are you still waiting? Just go ahead and post your benchmark dance step to Reels and watch your profile skyrocket in terms of engagement.

Tutorial Videos

People love watching how-to and tutorial videos like editing images, how to share Instagram stories, how to create app presets, and other hacks related to photography, graphic design, etc. It is a good idea to post short DIY videos, be it technical or non-technical. To post the right content, you need to understand what your target audience will prefer. For instance, hair stylists can post videos of quick hairstyles for women who have busy morning schedules. People who spend most of their time in their homes prefer watching stuff related to household chores, gardening, etc..  


Recipe videos are one of a kind that most food lovers keep watching. Easy recipes involving few ingredients will very well fit into Instagram reels. Such videos are an excellent way to get more viewers and boost engagement because most people today learn cooking today through videos. Short recipe videos will have a great welcome from people who are beginners in cooking. But make sure that the recipe videos should not make viewers hungry or start craving for food. 

Final Words

It is impossible to put a full stop to the content scope of Instagram reels within the above discussed seven topics. There are limitless ideas to post content to Instagram reels. Travel, Product demos, Daily workout videos, Work from home moment videos, Outfit and accessories videos, types of makeup videos, etc. are great choices to pick. With short-form videos being the trend, adding the right punch of creativity can hook more users to your profile. With the inception of reels, it is high time for all kinds of Instagram users to try new ideas with Instagram reels. When you explore and experiment, you are sure to excel with Instagram reels.


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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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