7 Ways to Eliminate the Mental Block That Has Been Stopping You from Traveling Solo

7 Ways to Eliminate the Mental Block That Has Been Stopping You From Traveling Solo


Are you one of those travellers who loves to travel but the very thought of traveling solo makes you delay your trip?….

If yes, then here are 7 ways which will eliminate your mental block and help you explore the world as a solo traveller.

1. Remove all Threats to Your Safety:

Absolutely!.. Safety should always be your priority when you are travelling alone. But do not stop yourself from exploring something new out of fear of being alone. Make sure that you do a complete research on the places you wish to cover in your solo trip and have an in-depth knowledge of the dos and don’ts related to the trip.

2. Get a Peaceful Approval from family:

This is another major point in your checklist, before you pack your bags to travel to your dream destination. It is important to take your family into confidence and let them know about your itinerary. When your family will see in your eyes, the passion towards the trip they will definitely approve your solo tour.

3. Think About all the New Friends You will Be Making:

Traveling solo can be fun filled if you concentrate on the pros rather than thinking about the ‘What If’ situations. On your solo trip you will meet many new people and might end up making many new friends with like-minded people. But yes, you should be cautious enough with whom you befriend as this should not lead you to any trouble.

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4. Local Tales:

On your solo trips you are on your own and do not have to bother about what your friends think about you. So what is stopping you? Don’t be afraid of chatting up with the locals- like the chai wala, taxi wala etc and get to know more about their customs and cultures.

5. Think Of the Self Confidence You Will Get After:

Solo trips are meant to boost confidence in the travellers. You tend to develop faith in yourself to overcome any challenges be it in the trip or in your life as well.

6. Eliminate the Fear of the Uncertainty:

When you venture out in your solo trip and complete it successfully you overcome the fear of uncertainty. You always have a positive outlook towards any unfavourable situation.

The only uncertainty is that nothing is certain. So embrace uncertainty.

7. Start Enjoying Solitude:

Few people are sceptical about the idea of traveling solo, as they fear they will not be able to survive all alone. That’s a wrong notion. Once you love your company you will find happiness emotionally, mentally and spiritually and the trip will definitely introduce a new dimension of your personality to your own self.


So what are you waiting for? Get your back packs ready and set out on your dream tour in your company.


And once you are back do share your travelogues with us….

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