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9 Awesome Tools That Take Your TikTok Marketing To The Next Level


TikTok is what makes you feel overwhelmed. TikTok is not only about building the followers; it is about creating and editing the content, and you need to monitor the performance of the platform to increase engagement. Here are nine tools that help in grow TikTok likes using TikTok marketing, which helps in increasing the engagement and analyzing the performance. 

1. Igface

Influencers and Aspiring influencers can choose the TikTok money calculator to check the influencers established for endorsing brands’ products or services. For influencers where they can find the TikTok competitors and where they can make potential earnings from the platform. Igface helps to find the metrics using TikTok accounts, which keep on influencers’ profiles. 

2. Loomly

The scheduling tools are the best to build where you don’t need to sit for the complete day and check you don’t need to post a video on TikTok, and here are the scheduling tools which help to post in the required time. 

Loomly is the best social media platform for scheduling the videos, which helps in collaborating, publishing, and you can measure social media marketing efforts using a single platform. Loomly provides updates using content using emails or slack. The pricing starts from $25/ month if you choose the pack annually.

Key features 

  • Loomly has a master calendar to make social media content that is organized. 
  • You can store your photos, videos, links, and templates in an intuitive library.
  • You can connect with the team for approval workflow and collaborative review. 


If you’re an influencer or brand, then you definitely need to measure and track the performance of your videos and content you’re posting. If you have a Pro-TikTok account, you will have analytics for the application. The analytics shows which lasts for 7-28 of your account activity. You can make an overview of analytics and check with the followers and content you’re posting. You can also check the insights of your followers and analytics of other TikTok users. To make your account a pro account, you need to choose it from the managed account. 


TikTok is the best place for influencers. If you’re a brand or an agency, if you’re looking for the right influencer on TikTok, then you use a tool for choosing TikTok influencers using TikTok tools. 

Upfluence is the ultimate tool for finding influencers who have more than 3 million users which help in brand ambassadors. This tool is the best for finding influencers with search engines with automated bulk emails. You can make a streamline with the campaign, which helps to measure the ROI all in one place. To find the best influencer for your brand Upfluence brings the best solutions for you. The tool captures social data from the visitors with a pop- up which can be customized with Online business using Upfluence. 

Key Features 

  • Visitors and customers capture through live converts into ambassadors. 
  • Use automated bulk emails for contacting influencers.
  • Use the tool to find the influencer from the database where they are more than 3 million influencers.

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5. Viamaker 

There are many tools that help in editing the video. Viamaker is one of the best free video editing applications which consists of all -in – one editing which creates amazing TikTok videos. This application is launched by the owner of TikTok, and so they have created the best application for editing purposes. Vivamaker is the best place for trimming, reversing, and making a looping, advanced filter which helps to edit using personal touch with creative ideas. User friending as the features includes reversing and changing the speed of the video.

6. iMovie

IMovie application is available only for ios, macOS. It is an easy and free editing application. It has customizable themes and templates, and it is the most authentic editing application in iPhone, iPad, Mac, where it has advanced editing. iMovie allows you to combine 

Fourteen trailer templates with eight themes that help in combining short video clips and add soundtracks.

7. InShot Video Editor 

Inshot video editor is available for both android and ios platforms. In short, it has features of versatile video editing tools that have video and audio syncing processes. You can make video editing with ios and android applications. You can trim and combine videos with playback speed. 

8. Funimate

Funimate helps to make a variety of transitions and sharing on other social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, and sharing the video directly in the application. You can apply many transitions between clips of the videos and use them. It offers many hundred visuals and creates it on its own. 

9. Vizmato 

Vizmato is the best tool for modulating the voices which have easily customizable themes for the videos. There are vizmato communities for creating content. The application has a PRO video recorder that enables the visual effects, and the recording session is still in progress. 

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